Get Fit For Summer: Day 1

10+day+1 Get Fit For Summer: Day 1

Is Your Body Fit For Summer?

Memorial Day Weekend is just a week away – the official start to summer!

If your best intentions to to get started on a fitness plan somehow made their way to the bottom of your “To Do” list, no need to fret!

How about a 7 Day summer Fat Loss Plan to kick start your results?

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It’s A…

its+a+boy Its A...

We are so excited to share the news!

After my 18 week level 2 ultrasound yesterday, we not only were told Baby Rigsby is in excellent health and a hearty 9 oz., we were given the blessing of adding another Boy to our family! Tyler helped to make the announcement with this quick video.



You are more than welcome to follow along with my progress either at the Fit Yummy Mummy Facebook Fan Page ….

1+fb+fan Its A...

OR if Facebook is NOT for you, I also share a more detailed account with video updates, in my online community ~!

Thanks again for all your support ~ I am so excited to share this experience with you!

If you are expecting – or plan on expecting – and would like to receive Pregnancy Fit Tips be sure to sign up for this special newsletter!

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Video: Sculpt And Define Your Arms For Summer

kettlebell Video: Sculpt And Define Your Arms For Summer

Kick start your summer ready arms with an Upper Body

Kettlebell Super Set


I did a quick poll on the FYM Facebook page last week what workout clips you would like to see me film on my back deck. There were many requests for Kettlebells as well as requests for workouts that help to tone, sculpt and define arms.

Have a workout clip request?

Post your request on the >>> FYM FaceBook Fan Page.

I picked out a couple of my favorite Kettlebell exercises that not only thoroughly work your arms, but your core and lower body too – added fat loss bonus! Add this super set to your summer ready workout routine to see a noticeable difference in your arms this summer!

All you need is a Kettlebell (yes you can substitute and use a dumbbell). Be prepared to work with intensity! Short Burst Resistance Training not only supercharges your metabolism but means your workouts are done in a flash!
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Summer Ready Abs For Moms

seafolly stripe bikini Summer Ready Abs For Moms

It’s getting to be that time of year and we all want summer ready abs!


Warmer weather, more revealing styles and advertisements galore about losing weight and getting in to your bikini.

The area of greatest concern is the look and feel of your tummy.

The way you perceive your tummy to appear affects your very being….from what you cannot wear to how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror.

One of the biggest reasons why you struggle to get what you want -flat abs- is due to the overwhelming amount of misinformation as you search for a solution.
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FAQs: Working Out While Pregnant

workout FAQs: Working Out While Pregnant

Since the announcement of my pregnancy, I have received hundreds of emails asking about working out while pregnant.

The concern increased when I started posting workout video clips on this blog.

As I am entering month five, based on my research and own personal experience, I am finding that the majority of the time these concerns are expressed out of fear and misunderstanding.

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How I Got My Body Back And Then Some!

lisa+m+h+photo How I Got My Body Back And Then Some!


Success is not an accident


Lisa Marie’s Fit Yummy Mummy transformation experience is an outstanding example of what it means to put forth the effort and create the results you are after ~ no matter what obstacles you have in life. Get ready for an amazing dose of inspiration!

“I’m a 41 year old busy mom to a son who has severe disabilities, 100% dependent for his care & well being. In a wheelchair, non verbal…he is now 14, weighs over 64 lbs and if you do the math you’ll very quickly understand my vested interest in developing, maintaining a strong core, back, arm and overall strength…and also taking care of my own health.

Approximately 7 yrs ago I was diagnosed with autoimmune issues (MS) that can potentially affect all systems of the body, so my goals since that wake up call have been to foster as much health & well being in my life & my being and see it carry through my family. A balanced mind, body, spirit…something I didn’t grasp during my younger years!

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