Stability Ball Exercise For Tight Abs and Toned Arms




Reshape Your Body with a Stability Ball


Add this Advanced Stability Ball Exercise to your fat loss workout to help you get tight abs and toned arms!


Stability Ball Knee In


This is one of my Favorite Stability Ball Moves because it challenges my entire body!

Anytime I can incorporate a single exercise that makes my entire body work with this much intensity – I KNOW I will accelerate my body shaping results!
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Busy Mom’s Secret to Making Time for Workouts

time management clock Busy Moms Secret to Making Time for Workouts

No Time? Too Busy?

This is the #1 Obstacle to Getting Results

What about all those Time Management strategies?

You’ve tried carefully organizing your fitness goals, scheduling your workouts and listing out the priorities of your day all with the goal of getting more done in a shorter amount of time.

So why does your workout keep getting put off?

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2 Week Fat Loss Results ~ Check In



What Are Your 2 Week Fat Loss Results?

It’s been two weeks since you started on your fat loss plan.

You are either Getting Results or you are Not.

I am here to help troubleshoot your fat loss efforts and offer tips and strategies to help you get UnStuck, avoid plateaus, stay motivated and KEEP making progress…you deserve to make 2010 YOUR Year!

How are you doing? What new questions do you have?

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#1 Secret to Staying Motivated

837693 jump of joy #1 Secret to Staying Motivated


What’s the #1 Secret To Staying Motivated?


You set your “weight loss” goal.

It is specific, realistic and you are sure of the reasons why you want to lose weight.

You have taken the time to write out you workout schedule and even set aside the time to do a couple of energizing routines.

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What Happened To Your Motivation?


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.. that’s why we recommend it daily.”


~ Zig Ziglar


istock carrot bait1 300x199 What Happened To Your Motivation?


So What Happened To You Motivation?


Motivation is a powerful tool for success! The degree to which you can remain motivated allows you to continue to make progress and can determines whether you realize the goals that you establish.

Seems that Motivation is at its highest when you 1st begin your fat loss plan. BUT….where does it GO? Why does it leave?

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