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Our Magical Disney Experience

 Our Magical Disney Experience

Our Family Christmas gift was a trip to Disney~ Tyler wanted to be sure I share some photos with you. Scroll down to see some of Tyler’s Highlights.

Merry Christmas Wishes

1+merry+christmas Merry Christmas Wishes

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Top 10 Holiday Hottie Finalists!

1+htc+finalists Top 10 Holiday Hottie Finalists!

The 6 Week Holiday Hottie Transformation Challenge wrapped up this past week and out of the 80+ women who submitted their final essays and photos, 10 were selected to be in the running for the grand prize.

Fitness For Moms Top 5 Gifts

1+fit+gifts Fitness For Moms Top 5 Gifts

Fitness For Moms Gift Ideas.

With Christmas gifts and New Year’s Resolutions just days away, here are my top 5 Fit Yummy Mummy Fitness Gifts For Moms! No better gift to give than the Gift of Yummy-ness!

Holiday Booty Blaster Video ~ Lose Baby Fat Off Your Butt



Lose Baby Fat And Reshape Your Butt for the Holidays!

After Baby Belly Skinny Jeans Success: Size 14 to Size 6

Project2 After Baby Belly Skinny Jeans Success: Size 14 to Size 6


After Baby Belly Celebration After Deirdre Celebrates Skinny Jeans Success & Two Years as a Fit Yummy Mummy


“About three years ago I decided I needed to do something to get in shape.

I thought running would be the answer and started a training program. A year later I was running A LOT but not loosing weight or gaining muscle.

In fact I was gaining weight!

As a wife and mother of three boys, I was very frustrated with the lack of results versus the amount of time I was investing.

Post Pregnancy Diet During The Holiday-3 Calorie Control Strategies

ChristmasSweets01 Post Pregnancy Diet During The Holiday 3 Calorie Control Strategies

Post Pregnancy Diet Tips. A post by Holly Rigsby

Holiday Dinners and Sugary Sweets are a common Post Pregnancy Diet concern over the holidays!


Overeat and not only are you taking in way too many calories but your body goes into fat storage mode!

Eating too much and too often will most certainly…

- zap your energy
– disrupt your concentration and focus
– impair your immune system
– elicit mood swings
– accelerate the aging process
– increase cravings
– contribute to the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

What is a Fit Yummy Mummy in the making to do for a Post Pregnancy Diet?

You can enjoy the season and the best foods it has to offer without sacrificing your waistline. The following Holiday Calorie Control Strategies will help you practice Smart Indulging so you can Stay Slim this Holiday Season.

Holiday Hottie Tip #1 ~ Have a Plan

Food is going to be everywhere. Even if it’s not right in front of your face, you sure can smell it, maybe you are the one baking/making it, maybe you are the one in charge of serving it….

Trying to just “stay away from it” is pretty unrealistic.

When you can’t have something, you want it even more. Allow yourself what you’d like but take only half the amount you normally would. This automatically cuts your calories, sugar and fat in half!

Holiday Hottie Tip #2 ~ Eat!

“Eat” meaning….Don’t starve yourself prior to the holiday event

Not only will you slow your metabolism down to a hearty fat storing rate, arriving ravenous will guarantee overindulgence.

Instead, start each day with a supportive breakfast – particularly something high in protein and high fiber, high quality carbohydrate.

Rolled oats are my favorite

- especially during fall and winter. I enjoy creating new flavors for rolled oats like mixing a scoop of Prograde Lean in with a spoonful of almond butter and a splash of almond milk. Sprinkle with cinnamon and this becomes almost too sinful to enjoy as a healthy breakfast!

Also be sure to eat something light before you go to your holiday get together. Choosing a supportive high protein snack before you leave will help you feel full longer. Then you’ll be less likely to overindulge which will help to reduce overall calorie consumption.

Holiday Hottie Tip #3 ~ Be Drunk With Holiday Spirit!

Did you know the average alcoholic drink contains 200 calories per glass while an 8-ounce cup of eggnog with rum contains a whopping 450 calories?

Not only does alcohol pack a lot of empty calories, but it shuts down your body’s ability to burn fat. This becomes a double or even triple whammy if you are already overeating your favorite holiday meals and sweet desserts.

Plus over-consumption lowers inhibitions and self-control…..not a good combination when you’re near the holiday buffet table!

Make it a goal this Holiday Season to Limit your intake of alcohol and you will see quite a difference in your ability to Stay on Track and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain. I hope you enjoyed these 3 calorie control strategies.

1sig Post Pregnancy Diet During The Holiday 3 Calorie Control Strategies

Full Body Fat Loss Workout with The ABS Expert



Fit Yummy Mummy Does A Full Body Fat Loss Workout with The Abs Expert: Scott Colby!


Scott Colby is in town for a business meeting so we decide to get together, catch up, brainstorm ideas and film a handful of fun workout videos to share with everyone.

This is a workout Scott likes to take his Fat Loss Boot Campers through that combines resistance training AND Cardio into one, fast paced, heart pumping, fat burning workout!

Holiday Hottie Mommy Tummy Tightening



Mommy Tummy Tightening Exercise From Holly Rigsby.

Be sure to add this exercise to your bag of Mommy Tummy Tightening Tricks to help you “tighten” and “tone” your tummy for the Holidays!


All you need is a stability ball!

As always, consult with your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine.

Get ready to work super hard by not even Moving!

The Stability Ball Plank is a static exercise (contract and hold) that will challenge all the muscles that wrap around your core, build endurance as well as strengthen your deep abdominal muscles (transversus abdominis) and the muscles in your lower back. When you strengthen your core, you improve your posture, gain greater balance and stability and help to flatten your tummy.

Your goal – hold for 30-60 seconds!

Get the most out of the plank by..

~ Lifting your upper body OFF the ball

~ Drawing your belly button in, as if pulling toward your spine – this ensures you have engaged your deepest core muscles but you are still able to breathe!

~ Check the alignment of your hips… make sure your butt is not in the air nor do your hips sag too low. Your body should form a straight line from head to toe.

Are You Shaking?

This is normal. Your body may begin to shake after a few seconds of holding the plank position. This is simply due to a lack of coordination and strength in your core muscles.

In this case, start off with shorter intervals – holding for 5 secs at a time. As you progress, within a couple weeks you’ll notice significant improvement in your ability to hold this position for a longer period of time without shaking!

This is A Definite Tummy Tightener!
How long were YOU able to hold the plank?
Leave a comment below!

Plank ball Holiday Hottie Mommy Tummy Tightening

Need help?
If you are not ready for the Stability Ball Plank – just practice the regular plank on a mat.

plank Holiday Hottie Mommy Tummy Tightening

Burn More Belly Fat!

Just to clarify – no amount of “ab exercises” will burn the fat off your belly and achieve Mommy Tummy Tightening. This thinking is tied to the myth of spot reduction. Fat loss is a total body process. When you workout in ways that boost your metabolism using Full Body Resistance Training Moves you will begin to lose more inches, look more defined and toned plus have an abundant amount of energy – all in minutes a day!

Even Faster Flat Tummy Results can be achieved when you cut out processed foods and sugar!

1+fat+loss+DVD+gift Holiday Hottie Mommy Tummy Tightening


Order your DVDs Now!




1sig Holiday Hottie Mommy Tummy Tightening

Weight Loss For Moms-How To Make Healthy Holiday Hot Chocolate

1+prograde+chocolate Weight Loss For Moms How To Make Healthy Holiday Hot Chocolate

Weight loss for moms During the holidays. A post by Holly Rigsby

The Holidays just wouldn’t be the same without sipping on cups of hot cocoa!

But many of the commercialized hot chocolates out there are loaded with sugar, partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) and artificial ingredients. Have you read the ingredients list of many of the leading Hot Chocolate Brands out there? Shocking! Even the ones I find at Whole Foods!

This can really hurt any weight loss for moms that could be achieved.

In an effort to make sure you and I can still enjoy our favorite Holiday Sweets and Treats I did some experimenting with my Prograde Lean Chocolate Meal Replacement.

This is the recipe I came up with ~ Enjoy!

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