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Fit Yummy Mummy DVD Of The Month FAQs

fit+Club+3 Fit Yummy Mummy DVD Of The Month FAQs

Everything you need to Know about Fit Yummy Mummy DVDs a “Fit Club”

What is included?

As a Fit Club Member at you will receive a DVD of the workout of the month send right to your home – along with online videos you can access the 1st week of every month so you have the videos to follow along to until your DVD arrives.

18 Pumpkin Exercises for a Fast Fat Loss Workout


Pumpkin exercises are a fun way to add variety to your fast fat loss workouts over the holidays!


Give these moves a try and leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

~ Holly

Halloween Workout Video Cheerleader Style

1h Halloween Workout Video Cheerleader Style

Ready for a Halloween Fat Loss Workout to kick off a healthy and fit holiday season ~ I even dressed up for the occasion, after all, this is all about making fitness fun!

Went with the Cheerleader costume for I am here to cheer you on – made it fun by using my pom poms in a creative way to add a challenge to these full body moves!

CHECK out this Halloween Fat Loss Workout Video – what do you think of my Costume?

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss: 4 Week Slimming Results

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Success Story.

“I am amazed by the fact that my body is changing before my eyes!”


Jenny+and+kids Post Pregnancy Weight Loss: 4 Week Slimming Results

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing it, I’m actually living healthy like I always wanted to.”


Post Pregnancy Weight Loss was always my greatest annoyance, It is no longer something I should do, wish I could do, got to find time too…

I am Doing It!

There is nothing more freeing than that. And the inches are flying off, my skinny clothes are starting to fit, and I love the way I am stronger and more toned than I ever have been.

No more Flabby Ab-ies for me!

I have never tried any exercise or nutrition program before. I have gone through phases of eating healthy and eating horribly. I’ve read a few nutrition books which led me in the right direction for healthy eating when I chose to do it. But I would quickly succumb to buying and making the “easy” meals.

- I thought healthy eating all the time was too hard and expensive.
– The only exercise I have done is to walk 30 minutes a day…for a few days.

Fat Loss For Moms And How To Get A Jump Start on Holiday Weight Gain

halloween+weight+gain Fat Loss For Moms And How To Get A Jump Start on Holiday Weight Gain

Fat loss for moms can be scary, did this picture  scare you?


It is important you realize that many holiday fat loss for moms efforts may actually be leading you to holiday weight gain.

Halloween is the season when your holiday weight gain really begins. How could it not with all the bowls of free candy lying around. Treats at the workplace, treats at the bank, treats sent home with your kids, treats underneath your car seat…so it is not just ONE day of a candy free-for-all, it is All Month Long!

Here’s 3 Halloween Tricks and you can turn Halloween into your Holiday Fat Loss For Moms Solution!

Pumpkin Carving Fun ~ How To Video

 Pumpkin Carving Fun ~ How To Video

How To Carve A Pumpkin – 6 Steps to Pumpkin Carving Fun

I forgot how fun it was to carve a pumpkin ~ appreciate it even more so now that Tyler is older and really gets into it. I can say I am impressed with his artistic abilities. He drew what he wanted the pumpkin to look like and gave me tips as I carved away.

I loved how this activity piqued his curiosity as he was full of questions throughout the process.

Plus we discussed a fun way to keep Halloween Healthy for you and your family!

Enjoy and be sure to let us know if you too carve your own pumpkin!

Be on the lookout for a follow up “How To Make Pumpkin Seeds” video and of course, the exciting Halloween Workout video all next week!

sig Pumpkin Carving Fun ~ How To Video

Halloween Candy Survey Results

551693 f260 Halloween Candy Survey Results

I sent out a Halloween Candy Survey in the Fit Yummy Mummy newsletter last week to help me get an idea of what tips will best help you as the holidays draw near.

I had a request to post the results of this survey- so here you go! I was excited to see that over 400 completed the Halloween Candy Survey. Here are a couple surprising results….

Halloween Costume Contest

halloweenq Halloween Costume Contest

What do you think?

Last year I kicked off the holiday season with a fun Halloween Workout dressed as Olivia Newton John using only a pumpkin!

Great fun, right?

So this year I have to somehow match that….and I am stuck!

I have a list if ideas but nothing seems to pop off the page. So I am putting this out there to ask for your help.

Costume Contest



**Leave a Reply with your Halloween Workout Costume suggestion below**

The only thing I ask is that you keep in mind that I actually have to workout with this costume – which is what shot some of my fun ideas down ; )

To make it even more fun, I will choose the Top 3 Costume Suggestions for a Free Halloween Workout Downloadable Video – which will be the full Halloween workout and workout log.

Contest will run from now, October 20th to Sunday, October 25th. I will post the winners of the contest and the new Halloween Workout video, complete with costume next week!

I am excited to see your ideas and suggestions!

Thanks again for your help!

sig Halloween Costume Contest

Are Workouts For Moms Good Even When You Are Sick?

sick puppy 600x319 Are Workouts For Moms Good Even When You Are Sick?Workouts For Moms when you are not feeling so so good, but are worried about breaking the fat loss progress you have made?

“What’s the best way to stay fit when I am sick?”

“What can I do to make up for lost time?”

“What the best workout for moms strategy to help me get back on track?”

First and MOST Important is that you know that it is absolutely fine to take time off from your workout plan when you are sick.

REST is the #1 prescription when it comes to recovering from whatever sickness you may be fighting. Nutrition is #2 and I’ll cover that one in a moment.

If you have a bout with that notorious bug that seems to make its way around quite quickly, do not fall prey to the pressure to try to workout during this time or make up for time that is lost because of it. Taking this approach will only cause more harm than good.

Just like it is not one meal or one missed workout that causes the damage, a couple days of being ill will not cause you to go back to square one.

First I’ll state the obvious.

Do Not Workout If:

* You have a fever

* You feel nauseous

* You are highly contagious

Your body needs the rest.

Trying to workout may only cause you feel worse. Your immune system is working overtime trying to get you better – it will be counterproductive to put your immune system under stress from exercise and may prolong your illness.

It is a myth that you can “sweat out the germs and toxins”. Low levels of exercise increase endorphins and benefit your body, but an intense workout that creates high levels of endorphins can wear down your immune system.

If you just have a minor cold – it is okay to go through your workout, at a less intense pace. Doing so will help you to feel better and allow you to breath easier for it will help to open up your nasal passages.

How to Get fit when you are sick

Wait at least one to two days after you are over the worst of it, then…

1. Engage in a light workout.

The purpose here is to EASE back in to your normal workouts. Do not expect to go all out at this point. I would suggest choosing to start off with a less intense version of your intervals or a modified resistance training workout. If either of these options includes jumping, you may wish to find a substitute.

Options may look like:

Intervals – instead of a normal 1 min. low/1 min. high, choose to perform 2 minutes low, 1 minute high but all variables are less intense than your regular interval session. This may extend your time spent and that is okay. No need to go past 20 minutes….remember the goal is to EASE back into your routine.

Workouts For Moms Resistance Training Workout – you have a couple options here. Depending on your fitness level and how you are feeling, you may choose to complete a beginner level, body weight based workout.

You may choose to go through the workout once. So instead of completing 3 super sets, you just complete one set of each exercise taking sufficient time between each for rest as needed.

You may choose to pick 2-4 exercises within your workout and complete 2-3 super sets.

Afterward you can judge how you are feeling to see if you are up to a light interval session.

2. Make sure you have something to eat.

This needs to be stated, for when we are sick, our appetite diminishes, but our body needs the fuel, not just to go through a light workout, but to also help your body to recover from being ill. Make sure you eat something light at least an hour before hand.

3. Stay Hydrated: Before, during and after.

This is VERY important when doing Workouts For Moms when you may be under the weather!

Fevers burn up body fluids and you lose extra water and fluids from your skin, lungs and digestive tract if it is infected with intestinal germs. This concern is doubled if you have been unable to keep anything down.

You will lose even more body fluids during a workout when you sweat. So when you are recovering from an illness and you begin to workout again, it is common for your thirst reflex goes on the blink, and very easy to forget to drink.

4. LISTEN To Your Body! Stop if you feel light headed or nauseated – do not attempt to to keep going.

5. Take some extra time to cool down.

At the end of your workout, factor in some time to take a leisurely walk or work in some light stretching.

Bottom Line….Take CARE of yourself and Listen to your body!


What To Eat


As far as nutrition goes…..while there is not a lot we can do in terms of exercise while we are sick, we have 100% control over the foods we choose to eat.

This is the perfect time to fill your body with good broth based soups and fresh juices filled with only natural goodness to help accelerate your recovery.


What about my results?


Good News!

Your progress will not be hindered by a few days off from your regularly challenging workouts and your consistent nutrition plan. Getting sick is a VERY normal set back and you WILL bounce back easily if you choose to follow these guidelines.

Give it a couple days and once you get your energy and strength back you’ll feel great and want to exercise again. Many of us find a whole new drive after taking this time to recover. Just be sure you give yourself the time and the nutrients to recover and you will be back on track before you know it!

Just know that it will soon pass and you will not have lost any of the progress you have made – instead you will come back stronger and more eager than ever to move ahead!!


So that is how to stay fit when you are sick!


sig Are Workouts For Moms Good Even When You Are Sick?

Fitness For Moms 5 Fast Energizers For Busy Moms

energizers Fitness For Moms 5 Fast Energizers For Busy Moms

Fitness For Moms is tricky with all the:

Commitments, cooking, chores, chauffeuring around town, working at home, on the home, away from home, housekeeping, laundry, volunteering at your children’s school, shorter days, longer nights, etc.

With the change of season, kids are back in school and the holidays are right around the corner….is any wonder what that our new “busy mom’s schedule” can completely drain our energy.

Here are 5 Fitness For Moms Energizers that will give you Lasting Energy for the Busiest of days!

1. Eat Breakfast

You know it’s the most important meal of the day. You make sure your kids eat it…you need to eat it too. Yes, you need to eat, even if you are not hungry. If you are eating, but just a cereal bar – try swapping it out for something more substantial. Choose a high fiber, high protein meal.

Here’s two of my Favorite Energizing Breakfasts

* Morning Oats

Rolled Oats mixed with water and 2 whipped egg whites

Topped with fresh/frozen blueberries

A dollop of greek yogurt and a sprinkle cinnamon ~ YUM

* Sunshine Eggs

2-3 eggs/egg whites, sunny side up

Pink Grapefruit – sliced and quartered

I know, sounds like an odd combination, but the nutritional value of Citrus – which is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidabts – gives you a great burst of energy!

2. Eat Protein With Every Meal and Snack

Protein, not only helps to maintain your energy levels, it also helps you to burn more calories than simply eating a carb-only based meal!

For example, instead of just eating an apple for a snack, try eating an apple and a handful of almonds!

3. Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours

Eating often will keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable all day. So instead of eating 2 to 3 oversized meals – which demands more of your energy to digest and will only leave you feeling lethargic and bogged down – plan to eat smaller meals and snacks every 3 to 4 hours. Aim to make your meals and snacks 250-350 calories instead of a whopping 500-800+.

4. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants, lower levels of caffeine, will prevent you from crashing later in the day. BONUS: Studies show green tea helps your body burn more fat when coupled with eating right and exercising.

(NOTE– Green tea you brew – not bottled, “green tea”, full of sugar or worse…artificial sweeteners)

5. Move Every hour

Yes, it is obvious that I would tell you that you need to Exercise to feel more energized. You’ve got this point. But your body still needs to move and be active in between your workouts. Get the blood flowing, clear your mind, work your muscles and ease your joints. If you can, try to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine with a brisk walk.

I incorporate movement a few different ways. From yoga poses/stretches to my favorite energizing move – the Y Squat!

Fitness For Moms Exercise the Y Squat

Ysquat2 Fitness For Moms 5 Fast Energizers For Busy Moms

If you are sitting ALL day, get up and try the Y-Squat a couple times performing 8-10 controlled repetitions. I like to follow this move with a forward bend and spiderman crawls!


Bonus Energy Boost:


Eliminate Energy Zappers


~ Turbo-charged Energy drinks

Full of sugar, empty calories, questionable ingredients and the extreme amounts of caffeine which make you crash and leave you feeling drained. Grab a bottle of water instead!

~ Toss the Energy Pills

Over stimulation of the brain and nervous system cause negative effects, including increased heart rate, blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, and, once use is ended, general feelings of lethargy settle in—making them highly addictive.

~ Stop Skipping Meals

Food is energy. If you do not “refill your tank” every 3 hours, your entire body will slow down. This is key to long term success and fitness for moms.

~ Drop the “Dead” processed foods

Nothing nourishing to offer. Undernourished bodies are not fit and are no where near energetic.

Follow the Energizing Tips, Eliminate the Energy Zappers and you will be amazed at how much more amazing you feel as your energy levels soar!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have any other busy mom energizers!

sig Fitness For Moms 5 Fast Energizers For Busy Moms

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