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Meet Me Online Tonight ~ FYM Chat Party!!!

live+TV+tonight Meet Me Online Tonight ~ FYM Chat Party!!!

Important Reminder: I will be online tonight starting at 6:00 pm EST to answer all your questions about Fit Yummy Mummy and Fat Loss Workouts!

Hope you have had a chance to watch and even TRY the FREE Fit Yummy Mummy Bonus Workout Videos I posted for you on Monday. If you missed this exciting annoucement you can find them here >>> Bonus Fat Loss Workouts – FREE

Fit Yummy Mummy Videos For YOU!

FYM+DVD+1 Fit Yummy Mummy Videos For YOU!

Resistance Training Rocks!

Would it help if you could actually follow along with with me as I do the Fit Yummy Mummy Workouts?


Grab these 15 minute fat burning DVDs! You’ll experience some of my favorite AT HOME resistance training workouts proving to you how quick and simple resistance training really is!

See for yourself what a difference a Full Body, CHALLENGING resistance training workout makes to YOUR fat loss results!


***Click Here For Your Fat Burning Workout DVDs***


When you focus on full body moves that help you get stronger, you give your metabolism a tremendous boost, you help your body burn more calories, you see the TONE and Definition you have been dreaming about….and you can do all this in just 15 minutes a Workout!!!!

sig Fit Yummy Mummy Videos For YOU!

What are your fitness goals for Fall?

fall+fitness+goals What are your fitness goals for Fall?

Tuesday, September 22nd marked the first official day of Fall! Now that summer has ended it is time to Refocus and Set New Fitness Goals!

Fall is actually my favorite time of year ~ so I love to sit down and map out what is coming up and how I would like to best spend this brief, brisk and beautiful season.

Yes there are special events I am looking forward to such as….

"So THAT’s How You Get Weight Loss Results….!" Video




Last night’s Live Video Show with Chat was too fun for words!


Here’s a shout out to everyone who was able to make it live and join in on the chat – even my Mom and my sister Carrie logged on!

Glad we could also share some laughs ~ especially when I had to run inside to avoid the torrential downpour…wondering if anyone could see my messy house!!

All the fun aside, I was also able to cover the 3 Most Important Steps you must take prior to starting your weight loss journey – the 3 steps you MUST NOT SKIP – but so many do and then wonder why the heck they cannot stick to it or why their results suck.

Plus I answer dozens of awesome questions, share my own personal tips and advice as do those who were logged in to chat.


Oh and here is a Recap of those 3 Steps!

Fit Yummy Mummy Live Support For YOU ~ Webcast

support+TV Fit Yummy Mummy Live Support For YOU ~ Webcast

Yesterday I shared my eventful weekend and how I had the chance to meet up with Fit Yummy Mummy Denise. I received a few emails from some ladies who were concerned that they would never be able to get the help they need for they do not live by me.

Good news is location is not the requirement at all!

Fit Yummy Mummy Meet Up In Chicago

denise+fit+yummy+mummy+tank Fit Yummy Mummy Meet Up In Chicago


The Power of Fit Yummy Mummy Friendships and Support


I had a fun weekend ~ Patrick and I drove to Chicago because I had the chance to speak at the 4th annual Midwest Fitness Symposium.

I enjoy sharing what I do with other fitness professionals but the highlight of the event was getting a chance to meet up with Fit Yummy Mummy Denise!

Do You Have Busy Or Productive Workouts?

What type of feedback are you getting from your workouts?

Do have productive workouts or busy workouts?

Being busy means being engaged in action.

Being productive means yielding results or benefits.

I hear all too often that women are just working out to workout. Sure, there is a goal out there to lose weight, but the workouts chosen are getting them nowhere fast and leaving so many feeling frustrated, exhausted or worse – in real pain due injuries from over training.

Kettlebell Intervals Workout Video

Pamela MacElree (co-founder of came down to Louisville this week for business, boot camps and some filming for her upcoming Kettlebell DVDs! You know we could not pass up the opportunity to get a Kettlebell workout in!

Just used an interval training soundtrack and Pamela put a series of challenging Kettlebell moves together to perform to the timed intervals.

Great way to add variety and spice up your fat loss workouts!

This is a 4-5 round metabolic Kettlebell training circuit consisting of

Acai Berry Transformation Lies

mandy+diet+blog+1 Acai Berry Transformation Lies



Diet and weight loss sites like these will never stop
~ unless YOU stop falling for them!


PLEASE please PLEASE be aware and be sensible when you come across ads like the Acai Berry Transformation!

Not sure how many times we must visit the fact that there is NO magic short cut to fat L oss – no wonder fat Loss pill or Cool Colon Cleanse!

Hoping this example reaches enough women to make a difference. Feel free to pass to all your friends who have or are considering taking the pill/cleanse route. These companies are LYING to you!!!!

Fit Yummy Mummy before and after photos have been the victim of several phony “Diet Blog” sites. This is the email I received this morning from Fit Yummy Mummy Mandy:

Your Workout Needs a Makeover If….

YMMholly Your Workout Needs a Makeover If....

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”



You know the saying all too well….but when it comes to our workouts – why is it so hard to break away from the same old routine – especially if you are getting ZERO results! So maybe it’s time for a workout makeover.

Aren’t you getting tired of putting all your time and effort into your workout routine only to get nothing in return?

Since you are Ready to get Back on Track with your fat loss plan, I just want to be sure you do so WITHOUT making the same mistakes from the past.

To help, I am reposting a special coaching call from my Yummy Mummy Makeover series where my Husband Patrick interview me about the workout mistakes women are making and HOW to turn your workout into a fat blasting, body shaping routine!

This is a exclusive FREE coaching call and you can catch it Here!

Before you listen in, here’s what I want you to consider:

Your Workout Needs a Makeover If….

1. You are a “cardio queen”

Cardio…the exercise of choice when it comes to Burning As many Calories As Possible so you “Lose Weight”.

What is your goal?

Well if it is to get rid of the stubborn fat – your goal needs to be Fat Loss – not weight loss. Cardio plays a role, but there is a more effective method that cuts the time you spend in half – if not more.

2. You Resist Resistance Training

Get the inside scoop on why resistance training is the most effective way to reshape your body and the ONLY way to increase your Metabolism.

Discover what types of resistance training workouts are Best for targeting stubborn fat.

3. You are Into Resistance Training but perform it After your Cardio Session

Find out why working out in this order will hinder your resistance training results.

4. You follow Your Favorite Routine Over and Over Again

Find out why your workout needs variety and what you can do to keep the metabolism boosting benefits coming.

I also reveal my top workout secrets for super-charging your metabolism, burning more fat, achieving a flat tummy and getting the body you want in just 90 minutes a week….all from home!

Listen in and implement these workout makeover strategies today!

No More Wasted Time!!!!

It is TIME to Get the Results you have been Working so Hard to Achieve!

1sig Your Workout Needs a Makeover If....

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