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Treadmill Challenge

1 treadmill 350x234 Treadmill Challenge
I have a treadmill challenge for you.  But before I get to that…

Do you think you are getting a great workout on the treadmill?

Think again!

I caught an interesting take on why treadmills Suck!

What Supplements Do YOU Take? Why?

Yes! I Take Supplements! But what supplements do you take?

I choose to take supplements in order to enhance the health of my body and the ability for my body to get the most out of my workouts and my nutrition plan.

Just to be super clear – I do not take any type of pill, shake or drink to “lose weight”.

I have been there and done that.

Prior to Tyler coming into my life, I “lived” off diet pills – I think they were called herbalife – with ephedra to give me energy, fend off hunger and keep me skinny. I was all about the number on the scale and I avoided eating as much as I could to keep maintain this weight. Little did I know what I was doing to my body. I tried the shakes – they only made me want to eat more. I even tried a fat loss patch – I was excited to burn fat off my body while I sleep! Yes, I was that gullible at one time.

The TRUTH About Acai and Fast Weight Loss

acai 400x106 The TRUTH About Acai and Fast Weight Loss

Looking for Fast Summer Fat Loss?

Pills, drinks, lotions and patches are all the hottest rage as the pressure for a summer ready body is ON!

One of the most popular trends is the Acai Berry!

This potent berry has many alluring benefits – or so the ads claim – from the prevention of heart disease to increased energy, decreased body fat and a flatter tummy!

So what’s the truth about the Acai  berry and is it worth the cost?

A few months ago I posted about the “Acai Berry” and “Fast Diet and Weight Loss Blogs“, and since then many of you have shared questions and concerns about the weight loss products that are circulating out there.

Some of you have even courageously shared being a victim of the “free trial offer” and quick fix scams.

~ Your bank accounts are suffering

~ You are embarrassed by the choices you have made

~ You are even more frustrated by the fact that the excess weight still remains

On top of it all Summer is HERE and your body is not quite the shape you intended it to be!

Feeling the pressure with longer days, chaotic schedules, with cookouts, parties and vacations – and you are wondering what the heck you can do to get rid of a few pounds and fast!

Well the Fact Remains – – – You just canNOT get true fat loss results in a “box” or a “bottle”.

Before I dive in to the simple steps that DO work please note that if you are looking to lose 10 pounds in a week’s time….this is not the place for you. I do not teach or coach women on “weight loss” rather I teach women how to acheive true fat loss results – results that improve not just the way your body looks but also the way your body feels and how you feel about your body.

When it comes to Fast Fat Loss – yes, in the next 2-3 weeks, you absolutely have the ability to drop at least 5-6 pounds of fat, flatten your belly and feel a tremendous increase in energy and happiness.

Even better …these results LAST!

You simply cannot get the same effect from a bottle of pills.

Instead this is what you CAN count on if you choose the “get thin quick” approach….

* you initially lose weight – mostly water and muscle tissue

* you feel weak because your body lacks minerals and vitamins

* you have unexpected and uncontrollable cravings

* your moral is low and you experience mood swings

* you eventually regain all the weight you lost and most likely end up with a little extra

So what does it take….

I sure will not tell you “Eat right and exercise”

You know this.

Instead, below you will find 5 Diet DO’s for Fast Results
Simple steps you can take to flatten your tummy, lose a few inches and feel amazing this summer – so I created a 5 step diet quick start to help you vamp up your fat loss efforts.

Now I cannot do the work for you, but I can give you the information, tools and support to make the changes that truly do matter possible and tolerable.

While I am not an expert in the detailed nutritional aspects of super foods like the Acai Berry and all the Cleansing options that are out there promising a quick drop in pounds, but I do have access to a great team of experts who cam help.

So in this instance, I have called upon my dear friend and colleague, Jayson Hunter.

He’s not only a Registered Dietitian, but also a CSCS, author of the Carb Rotation Diet and carries the title of America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert. We have also just co-authored the hot new Meal Plans for Moms meal planning system.

Jayson and I have spent many hours discussing what it takes to get results when it comes to your diet. So we decided to hold a coaching call to reveal the truth about the Acai Berry, Cleanses and a host of other super foods that are claiming to give you FAST weight loss results so you can make well informed, common sense choices when it comes to your body and results.

acai The TRUTH About Acai and Fast Weight Loss

How To Eat For Fast Fat Loss Results

1. DO Eat Breakfast every morning.

Eat a high fiber, high protein breakfast, feel energized, crush afternoon cravings and give your metabolism a kick start!

2. DO Eat every 3 to 4 hours

Eating often during the day gives your body the nutrients it needs to feel awake, energized, satisfied (so you are not fighting cravings) and keeps your metabolism humming.

3. DO Eat a Protein with Every Meal

Protein – chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, beans – not only gives your body the building blocks to create a faster metabolism, protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied.

4. Do Eat Produce with Every Meal

Produce – any and all fresh/frozen fruits and veggies. Eating one or both at every meal fills your body up with super nutrients with less calories. This is also the quickest way to flatten your tummy!

5. DO Drink Water

A commonly overlooked diet strategy. Getting fast results is more than just what you are eating, it is also what you are drinking. Not only will water keep you hydrated on ZERO calories, but will also crush cravings, eliminate headaches AND assist your metabolism to be running at top efficiency!

I follow this “diet” strategy, the Fit Yummy Mummy’s ~ who are losing 10, 20, 40+ pounds ~ follow this strategy…now it is Your turn.

Give it a go.

Try these Diet Do’s for at least 3 days in a Row – with consistency!
Give yourself and your body a chance to truly see and feel the benefits.

Leave a Comment & Let me know how it goes!

OH and don’t be surprised that your 3 day trial turns into 5 or more. Before you know it, people will be asking you what your secret is ; )

Summer has just begun and YES you still have time to make a striking difference!

acai The TRUTH About Acai and Fast Weight Loss

sig+1 The TRUTH About Acai and Fast Weight Loss

Summer Survival Video Tip #1: Your Schedule

Here is the first in a series of summer survival video tips.

S0, How Crazy Is Your Summer Schedule?

Summer time brings warmth and fun but can completely throw off our schedules and routines making it super hard to find the time to stay fit.

From sleeping in to an increased number of cookouts and summer parties to attend. There are too many ways our time can be zapped which hinders our ability to stay committed and stick to our fat loss plan. I loved the comment made by Becky about summer feeling like an endless weekend!

So what can you do???

Well Video Tip #1 explains why keeping a Time Log is the most important step you can take.

Think about it – if you want to improve your eating habits so you get better results…what is the 1st thing you should do….keep a food log. When you actually WRITE DOWN what you DO during the day you can identify blocks of time (Especially TIME WASTERS) that can be tweaked and adjusted leading to a better use of your time….and continued fat loss results!

Write it out => Gain control =>Get Results!

summer survival TIP 1 400x275 Summer Survival Video Tip #1: Your Schedule

Your Summer Survival Kit

This is the 1st in a series of summer survival video tips I – your Fit Yummy Mummy coach – am hosting to guide you step by step, motivate you, keep you fit. challenge you and prevent summer from derailing your best efforts!

Let me know what Time Wasters you identify by leaving a comment below!


sig+1 Summer Survival Video Tip #1: Your Schedule

Eat Whatever You Want And Still Lose Weight?

So Can You Eat Whatever Your Want And Still Lose Weight?

“My Biggest Summer Challenge Is FOOD!”

Yes, me too!

You have all made it super clear – that one of the most challenge aspects of your summer fitness plan – are all the summer treats and eats!

From BBQs to Margaritas and ICE CREAM – my summer favorite…especially Dairy Queen Dipped Cones – Love butterscotch!

The temptations are ALL around yet the pressure to lose weight and look great in your summer tanks, shorts and swim wear is even greater.

There is an approach you can take, however – NO not another summer diet – this is actually a healthy eating plan that teaches you how to “Cheat” so you CAN eat all these summer treats!

You Can’t Fool This Fit Mom Of Five

DSC 0015 450x299 You Cant Fool This Fit Mom Of Five

Maria – a fit mom of five – continues to achieve fat loss results!

A recent trip to a “nutrition bar” only confirms the path that she is on.

“Jennifer (fellow FYMer) and fit mom, got these coupons to a new “nutrition” bar in our area. It was for a free smoothie, tea, and body analysis. So we thought we would go and check it out.

Well, when we arrived, I noticed everything was from Herbalife. Which I have never been impressed with their products but we stayed and talked to the owner anyway. So she chatted with us and had us fill out a survey and then offered us our free tea drink which she stated would make our bodies burn 160 calories just for drinking it.

I asked her how it did that, and she said “I don’t know it just does”. We declined the tea and the “healthy” smoothie because they were made with the Herbalife protein powder (full of sugar), pudding mix, and sugar-free syrups.

Then the owner stated she had lost 10 pounds in one month from drinking these smoothies twice a day and eating a colorful dinner. I asked her if her body fat percentage had changed at all (since she had the fancy testing machine) but she hadn’t retested yet. So we proceeded to get our body analysis done.

Drumroll please…….

7 Year Old Can Read A Food Label, Can You?

Can you read a food label on the items you buy?

Do you know what to look at, what to look for and how it affects your fitness goals?

Tyler and I made another trip to the grocery – this time we brought the flip cam!

The Fit Yummy Mummy’s who are taking part in the Summer Slim Down Challenge at ClubFYM have been getting a huge dose of reality when it comes to taking a closer look at what is really in the foods we are buying….especially the ones labeled as “Healthy”!

In fact, Tyler, who is just 7 years old, not only knows what to look for on the nutrition facts label, but also the marketing strategies these companies employ to lead moms to buy these foods!

This is just a short clip of a series of videos I am putting together for the Fit Yummy Mummy’s at ClubFYM to help them be informed, aware and armed to make the best decisions when it comes to the foods they eat for fat loss as well as overall health.

Enjoy and if you would like more step by step guidance, be sure to join us at!


Unsaved Project 350x228 7 Year Old Can Read A Food Label, Can You?


Your Friend and Coach,

holly%20sig 7 Year Old Can Read A Food Label, Can You?

PS: Tyler LOVES to read the comments on the blogs – be sure to take a moment to let him know what you think!


j0428439 250x221 7 Year Old Can Read A Food Label, Can You?


Father’s Day Tips


09 08 140 350x262 Fathers Day Tips


Here Are Some Father’s Day Tips To Help Your Husband or Dad Have a Great Father’s Day
~ Pat Rigsby

I’m writing this as a favor to my dear wife Holly, because most posts sharing Father’s Day lists and gift ideas are pretty lame. They either don’t give you anything that the Father in your life will actually enjoy or they are trying to sell you whatever they have to offer.

I’m going to try to avoid both of those – which should be easy since I don’t have a product to sell you to give dear old (or not so old) Dad.

So here are a few tips in no particular order to help Dad enjoy a great Father’s Day:

Bikini Fat Burn ~ Flat Tummy Workout

Super charge your bikini fat burn with a flat tummy workout!

Add this flat tummy circuit to your Bikini Fat Burn workout routine to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you “tighten” and “tone” your tummy!

This circuit of 4 flat tummy moves are moves are designed to challenge all the muscles that wrap around your core plus incorporate your upper and lower body so your work more muscles and burn more calories!

All you need is a mat and a medicine ball (or a DB). Oh yeah…and be prepared to work with intensity! This not only supercharges your metabolism but means your workouts are done in a flash!

The Body Bugg Proof: Less Is More

bb 450x288 The Body Bugg Proof: Less Is More

Short Burst Resistance Workouts Burn More Calories Than Cardio!
~ The Body Bugg Proof by Denise Hyde

“I was so skeptical about giving up long cardio sessions and since I’m a person who likes to see instant results the body bugg really helped me realize that I am burning more with less workout time- especially the resistance training days.

I am the type of girl who likes proof that something is working so for all you girls out there who are like me I wanted to let you know the results I’m getting with Fit Yummy Mummy.

I got this body bugg for xmas last year and it tells you how many calories you are burring each day. I use to workout 1 hour a day and burn about 1600-1800 calories a day.

I now do a 15 minute workout each day with my short burst Fit Yummy Mummy workouts and burn 2300-2500 a day – some days even more!

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