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Fitness Plan & Gettin’ Fit At The Indianapolis 500

Yes, you can stick to your fitness plan and get a workout in no matter where you are and what you are doing. Even at the Indianapolis 500.

Just trying to drive home the point that there are no excuses ~ you just need to DO it!

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holly sig 102x87 Fitness Plan & Gettin Fit At The Indianapolis 500

Keeping it real with Fit Yummy Mummy workouts!

How about you?

“I’m Half My Size!”

kathyz 400x284 Im Half My Size!

“I’m half my size and I have gone from a size 12 to size 6 – woohoo!! Never been there before in my LIFE!”

Kathy’s hiking trip allowed her to reflect upon how far she has come with her Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation.

The Freedom of Losing It
by Kathy Zachry

“Two days last week my husband and I went on an overnight hiking trip to a rustic lodge which can only be reached by hiking or horseback. This is nothing unusual for us, as we have been avid hikers for almost 30 years. For this trip, we just had to pack our personal items and lunches – linens and food were provided at the lodge. So, we carried our ‘day-and-a-half’ backpacks.

It dawned on me as we were hiking that the load I was carrying on my back was probably about equal to the weight I have lost over the past year with Fit Yummy Mummy. I decided that when I got home I would weigh my pack and see how much it was.

Well, it was about 25lbs of gear in the pack.

12 Flat Tummy Foods for Swimsuit Season

flat tummy 12 Flat Tummy Foods for Swimsuit Season

The fastest way to a flat tummy is….

….changing up what you eat!

That’s right ~ doesn’t matter HOW awesome your exercise program is. If you continue to fill your body with junky, processed, empty calorie and high sugar foods you will not achieve flat tummy results.

So to help get you started and on your way to REAL flat tummy results, here is a list of my Favorite Flat Tummy Foods that will help you boost your metabolism, beat the bloat and burn the belly fat!

Combine your nutrition efforts with an effective resistance training plan and you will see and feel results in as little as 2-4 days!

12 Flat Tummy Foods for Swimsuit Season

1. Rolled Oats

They fill you up with fat fighting fiber to not only keep you satisfied and give you the energy to start your day but this flat tummy food also helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels – which keeps your body off the fat storage roller coaster and helps to fight cravings!

2. Apples

Apples are so easy to grab and go, we always have them on hand, they are high in water content and fiber, plus research has shown the pectin in apples aids in your fat loss efforts for it causes the stomach to empty more slowly and you feel satisfied longer.

3. Blueberries

I always have a giant bag of these powerful berries on hand! Not only super high in antioxidants to keep you youthful, healthy and energetic, they are also a sweet source of fiber and they contain tannins, which act as astringents in the digestive system to reduce inflammation – promoting a healthier digestive tract.

4. Almonds

“Portable protein” – the perfect emergency snack or pair it up with a fruit or veggie. High in metabolism-boosting Protein and Healthy Fats. Watch your portions though – measure out 1/4 cup servings and stick in a snack size baggie.

5. Eggs

Yes, they ARE good for you. They are considered the gold standard of protein quality because of their superior amino acid content, providing your body with the building blocks for lean muscle – the heart and soul of your metabolism – they keep you satisfied and energized. Plus they are affordable and super easy to make – it takes less than 3 minutes to prepare an egg.

6. Spinach

This super veggie goes with everything. At only 5 calories per cup how could it not?! Use in omelets, wraps, salads, side dishes…the list goes on. Great source of beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium, folate and magnesium to keep your body healthy and your metabolism humming!

7. Yogurt

A great source of protein and the live cultures help boost immunity and aid in digestion. My favorite – Greek Yogurt. NOTE: Avoid choosing brands that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners. Read the ingredients!!! (ex – yoplait – not so good).

8. Grilled Chicken

The simplest, most versatile lean protein you can use to create satisfying, energizing meals and snacks. My favorite grilled chicken recipe – marinate tenderloins in lime juice, chili powder and fresh chopped cilantro for a couple hours. Bake or grill for tasty and delicious meal and snack chicken strips!

9. Frozen Wild Salmon Fillets

Another simple and delicious protein source! I buy mine frozen to last longer and for easy prep. Loaded with omega-3′ – essential fatty acids that promote fat loss by helping to regulate insulin and even decrease insulin resistance. They improve blood sugar control, which helps reduce food cravings and overeating. Plus omega-3s help your body to burn off calories before they get stored as fat.

10. Grapefruits

My favorite are the Pink Grapefruits!

These super fruits are loaded with potassium, vitamin C and beta carotene, pectin from the membranes has soluble fiber plus the high water content helps you feel satisfied. The added zing from this tart fruit lends to a refreshed and energized feeling during your meal as well.

11. Salsa

Yes, tomatoes have wonderful health benefits, but in salsa form they also work well to add low cal, energizing flavor to your meals. Choose a spicy variety and get the added metabolism-boosting kick from Capsaicin — the chemical in peppers that gives them their bite.

12. Green Tea

Just the right Kick!

It has a lower level of caffeine (to help me get off the energy roller coaster) and loaded with EGCG. (studies show this ingredient causes your brain and nervous system to run more quickly — helping you burn more calories.) BONUS: It enhances your mood as well. Be sure to brew your own for these benefits are NOT found in store bought green teas.

Now you have 1 fat fighting, metabolism boosting, flat tummy foods to incorporate into your weekly meal plans.

If your nutrition plan requires a TON of work – no worries for you can get STILL get results from making one simple change each day. Try this…just replace 1 food a day and see what a difference it makes to how you feel and how your belly looks!

Want to see and feel FAST results in 2-4 days? Then make an effort to incorporate all 12 flat tummy foods as often as you can during the week.

Here’s to your Flat Tummy Success!

1+clubfym+join+1 12 Flat Tummy Foods for Swimsuit Season

Get Your Body Back Secrets – “How I Lost 30 pounds!”

yvettes call 400x303 Get Your Body Back Secrets   How I Lost 30 pounds!

I set up some Coaching Calls to Inspire You!

I thought it would be a great idea to get some of the most successful Fit Yummy Mummy’s on the phone to personally tell you how you can get your body back in order to motivate those of you who just started the 12 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge.

Well after yesterdays very 1st call, I thought it would be so helpful to share with you what a difference these calls can make.

Get ready to listen to THIS!!!

Tips To Eliminate Knee Pain

runner knee pain 149x199 Tips To Eliminate Knee Pain

Are you looking to eliminate knee pain, or having trouble with some of the lower body exercises shared in the latest Fit Yummy Mummy videos?

My friend and colleague Keith Scott ~ author of Unbreakable Body Program and contributing expert for Men’s Fitness Magazine is here to help!

Keith teaches you how to take care of your body, to eliminate aches and pains and my favorite “help your body feel better tip” is taking Naps! Another post for another day – Keith has a lot he can share with us to help improve our bodies from the inside out!

He prepared a brief article and even a very helpful special report for all who follow and are curious about the Fit Yummy Mummy workouts.

Bikini Fat Burn FULL Body Blast

Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with Confidence!

Add this full body Tri Set to your Bikini Fat Burn Workout to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you “tighten” your trouble areas – especially your arms, abs, thighs and butt!

NOTE: These full body moves are challenging – but this is the KEY to burning more fat and calories and never getting stuck! PLUS your workouts are done in 15 minutes or less! As always, consult with your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine. If you have knee or back pain, I’ll be sharing a Special Report on Tips for Eliminating Knee Pain in tomorrow’s post.

A1: Reverse Lunge with a Twist

The Reverse Lunge is my absolute most FAVORITE exercise for working the butt! Add a medicine ball twist and you are now engaging your abs!

Perform 5-8 times alternating legs – be sure to twist over the knee that is bent.
You can choose a medicine ball or dumbbell that is 5 -25 lbs.

A2: Reverse Crunch to Extension

Perform 8-10 times

Be sure to draw your knees up to your chest, lifting your hips off the mat to help engage your lower abs. Pause before swooping your feet out and and fully extending your legs into what is similar to the bottom of a leg lift. When you pause for a moment – you can really feel your abs!

A3: Decline Push Ups

Yes, push ups are challenging!

But wow are they ever effective in tightening your arms and core.
If you are not yet ready for these, stick to modified push ups.

How To Use Bikini Fat Burn Lower Body Exercises
Perform these 3 moves back to back as a Tri Set with little to no rest between moves. You can add this Tri Set to your current fat loss plan or use it alone if time is short.

Your Tri Set will look like this:











Go into set B and wrap up with set C – follow with 10-15 minutes of your favorite intervals to supercharge your bikini fat burn results.

Leave a Comment Below to Let Me Know What You Think Of This Bikini Fat Burn Workout!

Super sets as well as Tri Sets allow you to get maximum results in minimum time – they boost your metabolism, allow you to increase intensity so you stay challenged, are FAST and FUN!

This is the secret ingredient to all the Fit Yummy Mummy short burst resistance training workouts.

Double Your Results

If you need results and FAST then be sure to take a second look at what you are eating!
Here are some quick tips to beat the bloat >>>> Avoid Belly Bloat

1sig Bikini Fat Burn FULL Body Blast

Author of Fit Yummy Mummy: Complete, easy to follow 16 week “at home workout”system. Loaded with step by step workout plans, meal planning guides and all the motivation and support you need to get started.

Former Cardio Queen Proves Less Is More

“So I was signed up for a 5k race this morning and haven’t really done any “training” for it.

By training I mean the traditional, running long boring miles and miles everyday. Yup, I was a cardio queen!

I have run 3 times since January and the farthest I went one day was 4 miles. The other 2 times I only went 2 but incorporated some sprint intervals in. BUT, I have been working out the Fit Yummy Mummy way of course. It’s the only way I workout.

3 intervals sessions and 3 strength training sessions a week and being pretty good about what I put into my body.

So we (my sister and I) get to the start of the race and she says, let’s do the 10k instead! I was like, ‘what the blazes’? But since I am an easygoing person I said sure ok. So we switched and ran the 10k!!

I quickly set a goal to run the whole race without having to walk at all. No matter my pace I did not want to have to walk any of it. So the starting gun went off and we were off as well. The first mile was horrible. I got an awful side ache and couldn’t seem to shake it until mile 2 but we still kept running!

It went away and I was able to start enjoying the run and we talked and ran the whole blasted thing!!


It was a beautiful course, mostly along the river. When we got to where we could see the finish line we both gave everything we had left and sprinted to the end (I just told myself I was doing an inervalRazz)!

We did it!

We both finished a 10k race and we did it together!!!!

I have no idea what my time was yet – there were some issues with the timing chips – but I know we did it in under an hour and that is what I was hoping for!

So today I ran 6 miles for the first time in my life and the only way I was able to is because of my intense Fit Yummy Mummy workouts.

So not only do they help you to lose fat, they helped me “train” for a 10k race!

Thanks Holly!!”

~ Maria Simpson, amazing mother of 5 children (10, 8, 5, 3, and 2 year old), Idaho

CIMG3946 350x348 Former Cardio Queen Proves Less Is More

Maria’s Fit Yummy Mummy Story

“I am a busy mom to 5 wonderful children. The oldest is 11 and my baby just turned 2. So needless to say I am very short on time and only have a short window to get in exercise.

DSC 0015 350x232 Former Cardio Queen Proves Less Is More

I am so thankful I found Holly and Fit Yummy Mummy. I was at a point where I was feeling so fat and down on myself. I was faithfully working out 5 days a week running and doing exercise videos but nothing was changing. I was so frustrated. Then I found Fit Yummy Mummy! I knew it was the answer I was searching for.

I started right away. It was hard for me, but I quit running and focused on following the Fit Yummy Mummy plan to the letter. Almost instantly I started noticing results. I had energy through the roof and my clothes were getting looser.

I still found that runner’s high during intervals. I had great success!! I was even chosen as a finalist in the first transformation challenge held at ClubFYM!”

See Maria’s full transformation HERE >>> Flat Abs After Five Kids Without a Single Sit Up

Maria’s Stolen Belly Photos:

Oh and here is the scandal from her stolen before and after photos >>>> Diet Blog Scams

How much time do YOU spend on YOUR Cardio each week?

How is this working for you?

Wonder what 15 minute Fit Yummy Mummy workouts can do for you?

/”>1sig Former Cardio Queen Proves Less Is More

Get Your Body Back After Baby!



Here’s How VIDEO with My Top 3 Post Baby Fat Loss Secrets>>

My Personal Story on Video ~ How to lose the Post Baby Fat and Get A Flat Tummy


fym+video Former Cardio Queen Proves Less Is More

“No Time” Workout Solution

Unsaved%20Project%20300x218 No Time Workout Solution

I had an interview with Diane over at Oxygen Magazine this morning.

Funny that the topic was “How women with crazy schedules can stick to their workouts and still stay fit” for this morning was one of those crazy days.

I had been without internet service since 5:30 the evening before – I was unable to get any of my online work completed. This morning – nothing changed so I called the phone/internet co. on my way to taking Tyler to school. Was transferred to a recording that yes, there is an outage in my area.

After I dropped Tyler off at school I had to drive around and search for a hotspot just to log in to my email and get some important info needed for a couple calls today – one of which being my interview with Oxygen Magazine.

The BEST Busy Mom Diet Tool

Flower Doodle+399x319 The BEST Busy Mom Diet Tool

When it comes to a Busy Mom’s Diet, it is how you eat most of the time that matters.

So how DO you eat most of the time? What eating habits do you have that are keeping you in your current body?

There is no better time than NOW to find out. You can Take Control and Increase Fat Loss with this amazing Busy Mom Fat Loss Tool…..

Bikini Fat Burn Super Set – Lower Body Workout

Slipping into your swimsuit to get geared up for summer?

You know the 1st thing you do – look yourself up and down in that mirror and your eyes go all right to the places that need some work before you step out in the public eye.

How’s your lower body looking?

Need some fat loss, lifting and tightening? Looking to achieve a bikini body butt and bikini body thighs?

Let me help!

Add this lower body super set to your Bikini Fat Burn Workout to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you “tighten” your lower body trouble areas!

Bonus- you also burn more belly fat!!!

NOTE: These moves are QUICK and Intense!
Be prepared to work and get ready to LOVE the fact that your workouts are done in a flash! As always, consult with your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine.

A1: Jumping Lunges

Also know as Split Squat Jump – I love this move!

Perform 6-8 times alternating legs between jumps

Lunges in general really help me to reshape my butt and thighs. This is a more challenging move that’s not only going to help “tighten” your butt and thighs…. this move will also pump up your heart rate to help you burn even more fat and calories!

Not ready to jump? Modify by simply performing Reverse Lunges

A2: Front Squats

Perform 6-8 Using a Weight that is Challenging

Forget the dinky hand weights! Based on your fitness level you will want to choose a weight that makes the completion of 6-8 reps feel challenging. I suggest starting with two 10-15 lb weights and work your way up from there. The way you get the most out of this move – is to slowly lower into the bottom of the squat. Once at the bottom, squeeze your butt and thighs to quickly return to start.

How To Use Bikini Fat Burn Lower Body Exercises

Perform these 2 moves back to back as a super set with little to no rest between moves. You can add this super set to your current fat loss plan or use it alone if time is short. Be sure to double your results by cutting out processed foods and sugar!

Your super set will look like this:








Go into super set B and wrap up with super set C

Leave a Comment Below to Let Me Know What You Think!

Super sets allow you to get maximum results in minimum time – they boost your metabolism, allow you to increase intensity so you stay challenged, are FAST and FUN!

Super sets are the secret ingredient to all the Fit Yummy Mummy short burst resistance training workouts.

1sig Bikini Fat Burn Super Set   Lower Body Workout

1+Fat+Loss+DVDs+Closer Bikini Fat Burn Super Set   Lower Body Workout

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