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The Truth about Women Getting Bulky From Weights

4893935 400x300 The Truth about Women Getting Bulky From Weights


The TRUTH about women getting bulky from weights – Video!


And it ABsoLUTely does NOT involve light weights!

Getting lean and losing fat requires that you use Challenging Weights. Weights that make you go “WOW – this is tough – I REALLY have to Work at this!”

This in no way equals “bulking up”.

This is a myth. It is unfortunate that so many women are unable to shake this misconception. To help put things into perspective and help debunk this myth once and for all, I have a few interesting points to share with you along with a video and photos.

So, you want to shed some fat and get lean! Let’s consider 3 points as you begin.

1. The equation to reduce body fat is simple:

How To Lose Your “Muffin Top”

Fed up with the mommy belly muffin top?

Want to know how to lose your muffin top?

Why not change up your workout routine!

Melt away your “Muffin” by boosting your Metabolism!

Try adding in some new, full body moves that challenge the muscles that have the biggest impact on your metabolism. This will help to give you the calorie burning kick you need to shed the belly fat and help you achieve a flat tummy for summer.

Keep in mind workouts like this alone will not burn the fat covering these muscles.

Body weight moves are an excellent way to get started and can work together with your complete fat loss workouts and supportive nutrition plan to shed the muffin top and allow you to make great progress toward flat abs so you look amazing this summer no matter what you wear.

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby
Author of Fit Yummy Mummy: Complete, easy to follow 16 week “at home workout”system. Loaded with step by step workout plans, meal planning guides and all the motivation and support you need to get started.

Grab your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy and begin to transform and sculpt your body so you can lose your muffin top and wear your Bikini this summer with Confidence!

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Intervals: Fast Fat Loss Cardio

What are Intervals?

Intervals are a type of “cardio” workout where you alternate brief, high intensity periods of exercise (where you work out as intensely as you can), with active recovery periods, where you slow down just long enough to catch your breath.

Short and “sweet” vs. long, tedious and boring is what delivers fast fat loss cardio results – lasting results, doable results.

High intensity cardio in the form of intervals is much more effective than ‘normal’ low intensity cardiovascular exercise – especially in terms of fat loss. In fact, 10-15 minutes of high intensity cardio performed 3 or 4 times per week is all you need to shed more fat and inches as you prep for bikini season.


Studies -as well as countless testimonials of Cardio Queens – prove high intensity cardio workouts “Intervals” can provide all of the following fitness benefits:

* dramatically boosted metabolism – both during AND after exercise

* faster rate of body fat-to-energy conversion

* preserves lean muscle (muscle is your metabolism – you do not what to lose this!)

* significant increase in aerobic capacity (Max VO2) = increased endurance and stamina

The Main Reason Why we love Intervals

**They are short!**

As busy women, we just do not have the TIME to spend an hour a day 6 to 7 days each and every week on the treadmill. If you can get it done in a matter of minutes AND feel an amazing amount of energy -YOU will KEEP Doing It – this is a realistic plan that lends to the ease of being consistent! So you solve you “I just can’t stick to it” problem!

calories treadmill 400x300 Intervals: Fast Fat Loss Cardio

Are you still banking your results on the calories burned on a treadmill?

Finding it hard to believe that while doing a longer cardio session you may burn 400-500 calories but when you try out these short burst intervals for 15 minutes you may only burn 150-160 calories.

When Fast Fat Loss is your goal, your concern and focus needs to lie in boosting your metabolism so your body burns more calories 24-7 – not just during the time you are “doing cardio”.

A lot of women fall prey to the number of calories burned on a treadmill for it is immediate feedback…immediate gratification that they are making progress – and their efforts on cardio will erase the # of calories they indulged in the day before.

Well this number can be off by as much as 30% as it does not account for several different variables….such as your body fat percentage or your true your fitness level.

To further the issue, the typical “Cardio for Fat Loss” mindset is: The more calories I burn, the faster I will lose weight, the more weight I will lose.

That is great, however, immediate calorie burn is not what makes a difference on your body’s ability to burn more fat and calories all day long.

The elevated calorie burn you see on a treadmill diminishes and goes back to “normal” shortly after the cardio session ends…..this means your body is burning less overall calories.

Consequences of Long Duration Cardio

The longer you “do” cardio, the more you put your body at risk of taking energy from or burning lean muscle. This is NOT good if Fat Loss is your goal.

Muscle is the foundation of your calorie burn…the more lean muscle you have – the more calories you burn – all day, all night….sitting down, standing up, sleeping, watching TV….not just when you are exercising.

So in essence – women find themselves doing more and more cardio based on the # of calories burned and the fact that they end up having to do more and more since the entire process ends up backfiring and slowing down their metabolism. It is very common for women to end up doing long bouts of cardio just to maintain a body they are not happy with, feeling nothing works and there is no other option.

See the Sillyness of it all!

Check out my very own Intervals example if I go by “calories burned”

After spending 13 super intense and sweaty minutes – I only burned 112 calories!

If this was my only measure of success – can you see how I could quickly feel defeated and NOT want to stick with this type of cardio plan?

I do not fret!

When intervals are performed at an intense level, your body will spend the rest of the day expending energy to recover from the challenge you have given it.

This is referred to as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and it means that you consume a great deal more oxygen recovering from the exercise bout than you would have if you’d just done a steady-state workout – this in turn allows you to burn more fat and calories for the rest of the day.

Traditional cardio – while yes has some benefits – will not give you this benefit nor the advantage to faster and more effective fat loss.

How to “Do” Intervals:

EX: Walking on the Treadmill: Basic Program

Start with a three to five minute warm-up then go right into your first interval: 30 seconds of brisk walking (or jogging). At the end of 30 seconds, you should be winded and ready to slow down. This will be your active recovery period, slowing your walking down for the next 2 minutes. Then repeat by increasing the intensity of your speed for 30 seconds.

3-5 minute warm up

30-60 sec. “high”

30-90 sec “low”

Repeat this pattern for 4 to 8 complete Intervals (a total of 10 to 15 minutes) and finish with a cool down.

If you are new to this style of cardio, you will find that a mere 8 minutes feels quite long and intense. That’s when you know you’ll never have to go back to long, tedious, time-wasting cardio again.

While it is common to see intervals performed on a treadmill, you actually do not need any special equipment for an effective Intervals workout.

All you need is your own body!

Moves such as jumping jack, jump rope and running in place provide just the intensity you need.

You can see body weight Intervals in Action from the video I shared yesterday…

NOTE: If you are new to exercise and especially fast fat loss cardio intervals, please consult with your physician before you begin – especially if you have health conditions. As always, when you begin any type of new exercise, start off slowly and work your way up.

1sig Intervals: Fast Fat Loss Cardio

Project4 Intervals: Fast Fat Loss Cardio

They’re Here!

DONE-FOR-YOU Pre-Programmed Workout Soundtracks With Me as Your Personal Coach Telling You Exactly When To Start And When To Stop With Strategically Placed Countdowns and Updates, With All The Motivation You Need To Complete An Intense Interval Session!

No more watching the clock, trying to find the right music to match, or trying to find the motivation to push through another intense intervals session.

You have 2 package options! The Basic which contains One 60:60 soundtrack or the Deluxe which contains 3 soundtracks.

The Interval Soundtracks:

~Basic Soundtrack is 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off

- Repeat 6 times for a total of 12 minutes.

~Intermediate Soundtrack is 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

- Repeat 10 times for a total of 10 minutes.

~Advanced Soundtrack 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off

- Repeat 9 times for a total of 13 minutes.

PLUS – yes I have more for you – I created a Comprehensive Workout Guide

This is packed with everything you need to know about Intervals — from how to get started, how to know if you are doing your intervals correctly, how to get the best results and dozens of interval training workout sample programs, complete with exercise list and exercise archive providing you with Hundreds of possible Interval Training workouts so you Never get bored and you Never hit a plateau! No special equipment required! Just a way to listen to your Interval Training Soundtrack!

Yes, all soundtracks are accessed online and can be downloaded as the music file of your choice.

FYMIdl Intervals: Fast Fat Loss Cardio

Remember you have 2 package options – The basic with 1 soundtrack and the Deluxe with 3 soundtracks.

3 Reasons Why Bikini Beach Body “Fitness Magazine” Workouts Fail


bikini ready 400x189 3 Reasons Why Bikini Beach Body Fitness Magazine Workouts Fail


Wondering why you do not get the body sculpting, bikini beach body as promised in the latest fitness magazines for women?

I share 3 big reasons why PLUS show you what a REAL bikini ready workout looks and feels like with a Bonus Fit Yummy “Bikini Ready” Mummy Workout with intervals!

Giving you a complete workout plan that takes a mere 30 minutes or less to complete. YES – workout LESS and get MORE results! Experience the Fit Yummy Mummy difference maker for yourself!

Give this real body sculpting workout a try and let me know what you think!

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby
Author of Fit Yummy Mummy:

Complete, easy to follow 16 week “at home workout”system. Loaded with step by step workout plans, meal planning guides and all the motivation and support you need to get started.

Grab your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy and begin to transform and sculpt your body so you can get into your Bikini with Confidence!

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Tighten Your Tummy



Looking for a solution to help Tighten Your Tummy?

I’ve put together a simple plan you can use asap to start making progress on your Flat Abs for Summer plan.

One of my favorite core exercises is the Reverse Crunch.

I love it for it is a quick, easy to do, lower abs exercise that helps you tighten your tummy, the area many moms find as the SPP – the “stubborn protruding pooch.”

How to Use

Add this simple yet effective move to your workout routine.

Are You Fooling Yourself With Your Fat Loss Plan?

6a00e008c8acbd883400e5518b48918833 800wi 250x233 Are You Fooling Yourself With Your Fat Loss Plan?

The 1st week of April is Spring Break for us here in KY- so Tyler and I have been spending a lot of time chilling at home. It is so nice to slow it down once in a while.

This morning I woke him up and told him Santa was on our back deck – he lept out of bed to see…
Ah the innocence of childhood.

He has been non-stop with me now – trying to get me back, from “Mom I spilled my water!” to “Mom, look – there’s a spider on the counter!”

Little does he know I actually like spiders. (Yes, actually asked for a pet tarantula for my 16th birthday. Named it “Bodacious” and it lived 16 years before I accidentally killed it. True story.)

So today I am wishing you a Fun April Fools Day!

No tricks though…..just a challenge!

*****An April Fools Challenge******

Have you been fooling yourself?

Is there something you have not confronted or faced with honesty in your fat loss plan as of yet?

I call on you – to use the spirit of today to muster up the courage and post it here to help you make a difference and keep moving forward with your fat loss results.


I will go 1st

Yep – I fool myself too!
I am one who fools myself with 2 things…

1. BLTs
while prepping and cooking meals
In fact did it just last night! Those BLTs no matter how small, when eaten with frequency – they add up.

BLTs – Bites, Licks and Tastes

2. Half Hearted Effort
‘Oh yes…I do this.

When I workout – there are times when I am likely to skimp.

Either not choosing a very challenging weight or cutting reps/sets short.

And for intervals – gotta really stay focused to get a full 10-12 minutes. Yes, there are times when 8 is okay – but sometimes those 8 minutes days are too frequent.

So today -

April Fools Day

Let’s Do This!
Confront YOUR “foolish habits”

~~ Leave a Comment below


~~~ Post In The FYM Forum

If you are a member of Click Here to access the forums for a lively and revealing discussion with me and the Fit Yummy Mummy’s >>>>> April Fools Challenge at

Stand up to the habits we have been Fooling Ourselves with and begin to make an even BIGGER impact on your Fat Loss Results!!!

Your Friend and Coach,
~ Holly

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