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How To Keep Your Workouts Motivating

Is workout motivation your biggest obstacle when it comes to sticking to your work out and getting results?

Reality is, Motivation takes EFFORT!

Motivation is NOT something that just “happens” to you when you wake up each day.

While making your workouts a priority and keeping them fun can sometimes help – there is a an even more powerful motivator….

Keeping a Workout Log

You already know the impact keeping a food log can have your your nutritional choices – well the same results can be had when you track your workouts!

::Log Your Workouts

The sheer act of writing down your workouts will keep you focused, on track and hold you accountable.

It’s time to stop winging it, stop guessing what to do next and simply going through the motions!

This is the best way to AVOID fat loss results!

Having a clear, purposeful and progressively challenging workout plan in place is the only approach that works!

::Assess your progress & set personal records

What are you getting out of your workouts?

It’s important to keep yourself challenged in order to see continual results. Going through the motions just doesn’t cut it.

Look over your workout journal, assess what you’ve done, and use the information you have in your journal to set small, progressively challenging goals for yourself.

See what works – Do it a Little Better the Next time

See what doesn’t – Change it so it DOES work for you

Achieve heightened motivation as you strive to beat your previous “bests”!

There is nothing more exciting and motivating than seeing how you improve from one workout to the next. As you reach and surpass your personal records – Lo and Behold…Results appear before your eyes!

The Power of Personal Records

Improve your workouts – Get Motivated – Get Results


I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your insights on workouts that you gave us in one of the Fit Club coaching calls…. it has drastically changed the way that I workout!

I used to pull out the workout for the day, slog through it, do the same thing the next time and the time after that.

Ya, I felt like I was getting stronger, and I felt that I was working my body, but it felt like a chore, something that was on my list to check off and then move on with my day.

Now I finish when each workout:

~ I log it

~ I write my thoughts about how it went (what worked, what didn’t)

~ Then I set a goal for myself for the next time I do my workout

When that next workout comes, I pull up my old log, so I can see what I did, what I had problems with last time, and what challenge I had made for myself.

I then begin my next workout with the goal of doing what I had said I wanted to do last time.

This has made the biggest impact on my workouts.

Not only do I now look forward to them!

A major step forward!

I’m not just doing the same workout I did last time, I’m doing a better workout than I did last time.

I’m not only feeling how I’m getting stronger, but I’m seeing it on text as well. I can see what I did last time, and then know what I did this time, and it’s always a bit more, or a bit longer.

Just literally watching myself on text go from only being able to do one set of a move, to doing two sets, then three. Or seeing myself progress from the min reps to the max reps had been the biggest motivation for me to keep at it.

I want to see what I can do next!
I want to set a goal for myself, and then see myself achieve that goal.

I can’t thank you enough for those words of wisdom that changed my mindset on what a real workout should be like!!

~Carrie Boucher

Take your Fit Yummy Mummy workouts to the Next Level!

Start logging your workouts, setting personal records and see your body transform before your eyes!

1+Fat+Loss+DVDs+Closer How To Keep Your Workouts Motivating

“YES! I am ready to get my body back and be in the BEST shape of my Life!!!

1sig How To Keep Your Workouts Motivating

Get Sexy, Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans for Valentine’s Day

Week Three Down ~ Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans!

bna1 Get Sexy, Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans for Valentines Day

It is amazing to me to see this much of a transformation in such a little time.

I have done very well with sticking to the Fit Yummy Mummy workout program as well as taking full advantage of the nutrition plan.

I split my workouts into 6 days a week so that I would be doing something almost everyday(workouts Monday, Wednesday, Friday and intervals on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

It is GREAT!

Not only do I feel incredible but my skin is starting to clear up as well. I have adapted to a healthy lifestyle and I really think that this is a change that I can live with the rest of my life.

I have lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks!!

Don’t Diet! I’ll Give You 10 Reasons Why

last diet Dont Diet! Ill Give You 10 Reasons Why

As I’ve been going through all my old content as we prep for the transition to the new Club FYM site, I came across a blog post I made over a year ago about why you should NOT go on a diet. Basically… Don’t Diet was the title.

I re-read it and thought that it was something you’d want to see too.

Here are my “Top 10 Reasons Not to ‘go’ on a Diet”

The only thing growing faster than the $65 billion diet industry is the American waistline. If your Resolution for the New Year is to GO on a Diet, the only place I guarantee you will go….is up in weight.

It’s a Fact – Diets will only make you fatter.

The EASY Way to Get Results

steppingstones1 The EASY Way to Get Results

There are about 300 members of the Club Fit Yummy Mummy community who have been kicking butt and taking names since January 1st.

These are incredible women who have put their fears behind them and are willing to do whatever it takes – no excuses, no blame, no “I’ll do it tomorrow”- they know what they want and are making it happen.

The success stories are already starting to come in!


Today is the beginning of my fourth week. I have lost 8 pounds and 30.5 overall inches.

How to Recharge your Weight Loss Resolutions

The surest way to fall short of your goal is to make your goal unattainable.

For instance, resolving to exercise an hour a day to achieve weight loss results.

Now I know you had the best of intentions when you set your weight loss goals at the start of the year, However, I worry that you and so many others have only set themselves up with unrealistic expectations and this has been coupled with a weight loss plan that just is not doable with our super busy schedules.

In fact, some of the most popular new year’s resolutions include improving fitness by

~ exercising more and eating less ~

This approach is flawed and will get you no where fast!

How to Eat for Fat Loss

 How to Eat for Fat Loss

As many of you begin to put full force into your Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System, there have been many discussions and questions based around the nutrition component of your plan, and how to eat for fat loss.

To help ensure everyone here is on the right track, here are 3 Quick Start Supportive Nutrition Guidelines

1 ~ Eat

Yep, you have to eat, eat enough and eat often- every 3 to 4 hours – in order to fire up your metabolism, give you energy and keep you satisfied….when you are satisfied – the cravings go away.

Eating enough ensures that your body has the nutrients it need to do all of the above and prevent your body from going into starvation mode – if you eat 1200 calories or less you are taking the steps necessary to teach your body how to Store Fat.

Insufficient calories means less muscle, lower metabolism and increased cravings for junk. Eat junk with a slow metabolism….keep the fat.

NOTE: This is not about eating based on hunger nor getting in a certain number of meals. When you eat sportively, you plan ahead and make sure your body is refueled and nourished throughout the day.

2 ~ Eat Supportive Foods

A no brainer, right?

Actually this is a VERY confusing topic for the aisles of the grocery are FILLED with foods that TELL you they are Good for you.

When in fact these are just glorified processed foods!

BE Careful!

Just because something is low fat, fat free, low sugar, sugar free, no trans fat, 100% this, whole grain that…..etc. does not mean it is good for you.

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Tyler Bubble Getting Started is the Hardest Part

That’s right, getting started is the hardest part!

Today was Tyler’s first day at his new school.

With all the pep talks and preparation associated with our move…new school, new friends, new routine, etc. you’d think we’d all be overly ready for this day….and most of us were!

Okay – I admit, it was me who did not consider how tender my heart would
be after leaving Tyler this morning.

I just kept thinking what it must be like in his shoes.

Then I realized that we’ve all been there at one time or another in our lives…especially when it comes to starting a new fitness program!

While the end results are super exciting… staring something NEW has the potential to bring on a whole new set of anxieties!

Change is HARD!

The “What If’s” begin to take hold and for many, this is the stopping point.

I found it interesting that many of the strategies we as parents can use to help ease the transition for our children, also apply to us when we are about to embark on a new fitness program.

Getting started is the hardest part so here are 4 ways to Make it Easier!

1. Give yourself something to look forward to.

While the end results may take some time to achieve, you can still set mini goals and mini rewards to keep you motivated and on track each day of the week.

“I will choose to pack my lunches this week and schedule a manicure this weekend.”


2. Give yourself a head start.

Get off to the best possible start on that first day by clarifying your goals, mapping out your meals, getting plenty of sleep and preparing a nutritious breakfast.


3. Make it FUN!

Turn the apprehension of starting something new into a fun discovery – get to know more about YOU!

“How many push ups can I do today?”

When you turn your focus away from the dreadful remarks of the scale and instead focus on the progress of your own strength, performance and technique you will find yourself looking forward to your next workout!

Talk About It

Support is the #1 factor of your ability to successfully reach your results. Be sure you have someone
on your side that you can turn to for answers to your questions or to simply seek out encouragement.


In just a couple of hours I will be picking Tyler up from school. I am too excited to hear all about it!

While I was the one who had difficulty this morning, I know I have set him up to succeed for he has learned all the skills he needs along the way.

The same is true for the women I work with who proudly assume the title of Fit Yummy Mummy.

They have before them a blueprint – a step by step guide that shows them the straight path to weight loss results.

And if you were to ask any one of them – they too will admit, that getting started is the hardest part. But when you have the right tools before you and the support to encourage and motivate you – results are inevitable.

It is my hopes that at this point in the year, you are confident in the progress you are making with your fitness program.

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby

Author of Fit Yummy Mummy


45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

 45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

“Wow!!! What a fabulous year this has been. There has been 45 pounds lost!

A year of mind blowing changes; the year I took back control of my life!

I set a goal late November 2007 that I was going to change my life. I was approaching 40; I was unhealthy and depressed. I was wearing a tight size 14 and weighed in at 176lbs.

How did I get like this???

I WAS NOT going to buy bigger clothes!!! I wanted to be healthy; I wanted to be fit, and most of all I wanted to be strong!!!

I was going to do whatever it took.

I had become MISERABLE and REFUSED to live this way any longer.

I said a prayer and asked God for guidance. I knew weight training was the key; it’s what I did in the past and had great results. I joined a gym and hired a trainer. At this point in time I wasn’t doing much. I needed guidance and structure. I found Holly’s business card at the gym; I took one, went home and checked out Fit Yummy Mummy. Holly was speaking to me!!!

I had seen Holly at the gym, didn’t know her personally, but I knew she had to know what she was talking about. She was beautiful, healthy, and strong, but very feminine. That’s WHAT I WANTED!!! So why not trust someone who has achieved what you desire? I bought her e-book and started immediately.

I joined Clubfym too. I could see this community was going to be awesome!!! I knew this was the answer to my prayer!!!

December 5th 2007 I began my journey.

I jumped in with both feet and never looked back! I was a woman on a mission and I wanted results!


Dec 2007 – Dec 2008

Over 20 total inches GONE!
45 pounds lost
Size 16 to a size 6!

 45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

Cleaning up my diet and eating every three hours were vital to my results.

The results were instantaneous.

I felt amazing on the inside. My mood had improved almost overnight. Talk about Energy, it was through the roof! I didn’t know what to do with it all!!! My eyes became brighter, my skin was softer, and I was looking younger!

My results really started to take o? around week 6, from that point on I was unstoppable. I joined the 1st Transformation Challenge; this gave me the motivation and drive to kick things into gear. When I started I had already removed 11lbs and 12 weeks later removed 17lbs more lbs! I was chosen as one of the 12 finalists; what an honor!!!

I can’t say enough about my new lifestyle.

I have embraced it and I am living it. I love me and the person I have become. I am a better wife, mother and friend for finding Fit Yummy Mummy. No longer am I wasting precious time worried about how miserable I am looking and feeling.

A year ago I would have never even thought about getting back into the work force. I didn’t think I was good enough or deserved it. Recently I have started a new job. I am a “teacher’s aide” at my sons Elementary School, and I love it!!! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a years’ time. It just depends on how bad you want it, and for me it was pretty bad!!!

January 18th I will be celebrating my 40th birthday.

I am embracing this new time in my life feeling Fabulous, Fit, Flirty and Forty, Minus Forty-Five pounds!

I have succeeded.

All done in less than one year, what a goal!!!”

~ Sheri Meierle, Age 40 Mom of two, Fabulous-Flirty Fit Yummy Mummy

12 month results…How do you stick to it?

Motivation is what keeps me going.

Staying healthy for my family is very important. I am having a blast with my kids now. We are doing so many wonderful things together.

I used to make excuses, but now I am making suggestions!!!

The way I look and feel motivates me to continue down this path. I was pushing into a size 16, now I am in a 6, they are starting to feel loose. The results I have attained are far greater than anything I have ever expected.

I love the way my clothes fit. I love the way my skin feels. I love the way my muscles feel; I am strong. I like the reflection looking back at me in the mirror.

How can I not be motivated?

Ready to make your body and your life just as Fabulous?

You have everything you need with your complete Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System!


Need some support?

Make sure you are a member of ClubFYM!

Stop by and say hello to Sheri – her profile page is FULL of tips and motivation to help you on your way to achieving weight loss results that not only meet – but exceed your expectations!

clubFYM Main 45 Pounds Lost: Celebrating a Fit and Flirty New Me at Age 40

Beat Sugar Cravings

HELP! I need to beat sugar cravings… especially after I eat a meal! I have not gone one day without finding something with sugar in it to satisfy my urge. Some days I get a little carried away.

Why does this happen?

I’ve tried to eat grapes or something sweet when I get that urge however it doesn’t cut it so then I end up eating something sweet and totally blow it! I know I should clean my house out of all of the bad food -and I have a lot – but my kids still like to have their snacks.”

If this sounds like you – you are not alone. Many women encounter this all too familiar battle day in and day out.

Top 2 Reasons you Crave Sugar

1. Sugar Cravings exist out of habit.
You must have satisfied this craving in the past – following a meal with something sweet. Then suddenly it becomes a part of your mindset. After every meal must come dessert.

The good news is ALL Habits are learned, so this habit cam be unlearned as the result of practice and repetition.

2. Sugar Cravings exist because you EAT Sugar.

If you eat simple, refined carbohydrates or high sugar foods everyday, your body will remain in “crave” mode.

Take a peek at what is happening inside your body when you do make this choice. My hopes are that you will think twice before giving in.

Eating simple carbohydrates causes a spike in your blood sugar for these foods are quickly absorbed into the blood stream. This in turn gives you the temporary sugar high – it feels good….however, our body does not like this imbalance and a series of hormonal responses take place.

Your body produces an increased amount of the Insulin – a storage hormone. In order to facilitate this rush of insulin, glucagon – a release hormone – is diminished.

What does this hormone game mean to you? Each time you consume simple sugars and refined carbohydrates, you are doing nothing more than locking in fat.

Even worse? This cycle will continue for once your blood sugar levels hit bottom. You will Crash due to the excess insulin. Your body reacts once again for at this point your energy level bottoms out, you have trouble thinking clearly and you end up with cravings. You will inevitably crave sweets as these foods will raise blood sugar the quickest, getting you out of your slump.

The blood sugar High/Low cycle repeats – again and again and again…

Think of a roller coaster.
This is what is happening inside your body every time you eat sweets.

The only way to stop the cravings… to get off the ride.

Eliminate your Sweet Tooth
Here’s How…

1. Clean out the Kitchen.
If junk is around, you will eat it. Also note that keeping sweets around for your children will only set them up to struggle with their cravings as adults.

2. Keep a Food Log
Skipping meals will cause your blood sugar levels to drop and bring on the cravings.

3. Wait it Out
As suggested in the post “5 Steps to Beat Food Cravings” true Cravings – not hunger- last for about 15 minutes – then go away.

4. Are you Stressed?
Many cravings are STRESS related.

5. Break Old Habits.
One way to take control and make a change is to keep a journal -write down what you are craving…why you are craving it. Take control of the Craving instead of it controlling you.

You will be amazed at how powerful a few little lifestyle habits will give you the control you need to deal with and overcome those nagging cravings.

For more easy to use tips and strategies to get your nutrition plan on track so you can begin to see the fat loss results you are working so hard to achieve, be sure to get your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy.

How to Burn More Cardio Calories

3intervals How to Burn More Cardio Calories

Banking your results on the cardio calories?

“Holly, It is hard for me to reconcile that when I was doing a longer cardio workout it would say I burned 500 calories and now when I do the short burst intervals for 15 minutes it says I only burned 160 calories. A few people told me the treadmill reading is wrong anyway. What do you think?”

Thanks, K

Great question!

When Fat Loss is your goal, your concern and focus needs to lie in boosting your metabolism so your body burns more calories 24-7 – not just during the time you are “doing cardio”.

A lot of women fall prey to the number of calories burned on a treadmill for it is immediate feedback…immediate gratification that they are making progress – and their efforts on cardio will erase the # of calories they indulged in the day before.

Well this number can be off by as much as 30% as it does not account for several variable….such as:

~ your body fat percentage. A person who has a higher percentage of body fat will usually burn less calories than a person with more muscle mass.

~ your fitness level. If you’re new to an activity, you’ll usually burn more calories than a fit person doing the same activity.

To further the issue, the typical “Cardio for Fat Loss” mindset is:

The more calories I burn, the faster I will lose weight, the more weight I will lose.

That is great, however, immediate calorie burn is not what makes a difference on your body’s ability to burn more fat and calories all day long.

The elevated calorie burn you see on a treadmill diminishes and goes back to “normal” shortly after the cardio session ends.

This means your body is burning less overall calories.

Consequences of Long Duration Cardio
Plus, the longer you “do” cardio, the more you put your body at risk of taking energy from or burning lean muscle.

This is NOT good if Fat Loss is your goal.

Muscle is the foundation of your calorie burn…the more lean muscle you have – the more calories you burn – all day, all night….sitting down, standing up, sleeping, watching TV….not just when you are exercising.

So in essence – women find themselves doing more and more cardio based on the # of calories burned and the fact that they end up having to do more and more since the entire process ends up backfiring and slowing down their metabolism.

It is very common for women to end up doing long bouts of cardio just to maintain a body they are not happy with, feeling nothing works and there is no other option.

This is why a balanced fitness program is a must.
Not only must you have a concern for supportive nutrition but also a fitness plan that addresses how much lean muscle your body holds.

Resistance Training is the heart of a true fat loss program for it addresses how many calories your body burns 24-7. Following a progressively challenging resistance training workout plan increases your lean muscle and the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn – and the LESS Cardio you will have to do.

Interval Training
Short burst intervals are not going to show a huge increase in calories while you perform them.

Take a look at my example from yesterday:

1intervals How to Burn More Cardio Calories

2intervals How to Burn More Cardio Calories

Yep – after 13 super intense and sweaty minutes – I only burned 112 calories!
If this was my only measure of success – can you see how I could quickly feel defeated and NOT want to stick with this type of cardio plan?

I do not fret!
Due to the intensity and nature of this intervals workout, I know my metabolism will continue to stay elevated for 24-36 hours afterward.

Traditional cardio – while yes has some benefits – will not give you this benefit nor the advantage to faster and more effective fat loss.

Super Busy?
Finding it hard to fit your workouts in?

Then why would anyone choose to spend the precious time the do have “doing cardio”?

Intervals are short!

As busy women, we just do not have the TIME to spend hours every week on the treadmill. Short burst intervals not only allow you to use your time more effectively, but also BOOST your Metabolism for there is no risk of the loss of lean muscle from long cardio sessions.

So my advice is to not base your success around this feature on the treadmill.

You will get results simply by following a balanced resistance training program that incorporates intervals – instead of hours of cardio!

In need of a workout plan that delivers more results in less time? The Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System maps it all out for you – helping you focus your cardio sessions on short, but intense intervals to help you see faster fat loss results.

Additional Resources for Interval Training

INTERVALS: The TRUE Fat Burning Cardio

Crack Your Cardio Comfort Zone
at for video tutorials and suggestions for variations on intervals.

Is Steady State Cardio better than Intervals…According to Who?

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