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3 Memorable Moments of 2008

 3 Memorable Moments of 2008

A year isn’t made of seconds, minutes, and hours.

In retrospect, a year is made of moments!

Sparkling moments that light up the corners of your memory for years to come, chilly moments that you try to shake off as quickly as possible, and shadow moments—the ones you know are there yet can never quite put your fingers on.

I’d love to hear three moments from 2008 that were your most memorable!

Last night we sat down as a family and discussed the reason why we celebrate the New Year with Tyler. Tyler came up with a list of 10 memorable moments…since that is all the memories his fingers can count. He listed everything from his birthday to Red Sox games and even kicking his 1st soccer goal.

Here are my 3 Most Memorable Moments of 2008

1. Establishing ClubFYM (January)
2. Tyler’s Seizure (April)
3. Finalizing the paperwork…we’re moving to Louisville!!!! (yes, this JUST happened last week)

Then we discussed the concept of resolutions.

To help Tyler understand we presented them as Wishes for 2009!

Did this ever light up his spirit!

He was like….”I can wish for anything I want?”

Take a look at Tyler’s wishes…

Your turn!

Take a moment to reflect on what made 2008 a pleasure for you.

What are your Wishes for 2009?

Feel free to by leave your memorable moments and wishes in the comments below.

Wishing you a Happy New year!

~ Holly
Fit Yummy Mummy

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss And A Brand New Body

mandy+2 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss And A Brand New Body

I am revisiting a quote I shared in a newsletter that was taken right from a post pregnancy weight loss site:

“New moms need to remember that it took nine months to gain the weight – at least that much time needs to be allotted for the way back.”

The cycling of such misinformation about Post Pregnancy Weight Loss is preventing so many new and seasoned moms alike -from reaching sure and steady post baby weight loss.

Trust me I know! I too believed this. After Tyler was born, I was told I will lose excess weight over time – being fed the same line, 9 months on, 9 months off. Even worse…. it was also made clear that my body wold never be the same. I even remember packing up all my “skinny” jeans!

How discouraging is that!

Since then I found a solution and my passion as I have been helping moms to not only see that they could lose the baby fat, but achieve a brand new body in the process.

Weight Loss For Moms Success After The Holidays

6 Weeks to a Brand New Body – Proving Holiday Weight Loss For Moms  Success!

“When I set out to participate in the 6 week Weight Loss For Moms Holiday Challenge, I knew it would not be easy.

Making big lifestyle changes are hard enough, but during what I typically call the “eating season”? Well, that’s just signing yourself for failure, right?

The final weeks of November coupled with the holidays in December usually have a pretty negative impact on my waistline…and my “fat pants” usually find their way back into regular rotation in my wardrobe.

Not this year.

My goal was to just finish. I wanted to be consistent….and keep moving forward, even if that meant occasionally messing up. (After all, we all know Fit Yummy Mummy is NOT about perfection.)

However, I am absolutely horrible at following through with weight loss programs or diets.

That said, I was just fed up and really did hope to change some bad habits and lose some fat during Weight Loss For Moms Holiday Challenge. Once I started using the KUP accountability system, I quickly saw how off my eating truly was – and how far I really had to go. Each week, for six weeks I sought to keep up and post my daily KUP scores to hold myself accountable. It really worked! In the past, my food journaling would start out really detailed, and then I’d slack, and then I felt if I wasn’t counting every tiny calorie, then I might as well not count anything and I used that as an excuse to eat whatever junk I wanted.

The KUP system was so simple, so quick that I didn’t have an excuse NOT to keep up with it. That said, I knew I was TRYING, really trying to eat better and work out consistently, but I wasn’t sure if my body was reflecting my good intentions.

My scale weight budged a little here and there….and my jeans seemed to be feeling a little looser, but I felt I still wasn’t progressing as well as I wanted. How could I be with the occasional slip-ups, and planned indulgences that seemed to be a tad uncontrolled at times? Each day, I’d try to be a little better – drink a little more water, eat what I had planned, schedule my workout, have some “Jenny time,” etc.

These little changes really added up.

I didn’t take any measurements aside from weight until the challenge ended, and I was blown away. Sure, I still have a long way to go to my 20% bodyfat goal, but I’m so happy with my results! As much as we all hate before photos and measurements, they were really a GREAT gauge of my progress these last six weeks.

I thought I’d be doing well if I just maintained, but I’m so proud to say that I have lost 13.5 inches in total!!!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful support, and a special thanks to Holly for this great program and this second to none community. Hugs to all of you for your motivation, advice and heart. I am so honored to be a part of the Fit Yummy Mummy family. Thanks to this, I know I’m going to enjoy the holidays and 2009 so much more that I’ve achieved a very big first step in the right direction.

My stats:
Date: 11.5.08…………………………….Date: 12.19.08
Age: 31……………………………………Age: 32
Height: 5′ 9″……………………………..Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 153………………………………Weight: 146 (-6 lbs)
Bodyfat: 28%…………………………….Bodyfat: 25.8 (-2.2%)
Chest: 36″………………………………..Chest: 34″ (-2″)
Waist (narrowest point): 32″………….Waist (narrowest point): 30″ (-2″)
Abs (at naval): 34″……………………..Abs (at naval): 31″ (-3″)
Lower abs (below naval): 37″…………Lower abs (below naval): 34″ (-3″)
Bicep unflexed: 12.5″ (R)……………..Bicep unflexed: 12″ (-.5″)
Hips: 40″…………………………………Hips: 39″ (-1″)
Thigh: 24.5″ (R)………………………..Thigh: 23″ (-1.5″)
Calf: 13.5″ (R)…………………………..Calf: 13″ (-.5″)

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE that participated – this was not an easy time for a challenge, but we did it! WAY TO GO Fit Yummy Mummies!

Merry Christmas and here’s to a FIT and HEALTHY 2009!”

~Jenny, Age 32, Mom of One, St. Louis, MO

Ready to make your weight loss wishes come true?

Need a little extra support, motivation and encouragement to make your holiday weight loss success happen?

Come join us at and see how easy it is to get started and avoid the Diet Disasters of New Years in the past.

Fat Blasting Holiday Workout Video

Have 10 Minutes?
Short burst exercise is your solution to to burning Fat Calories – not just calories, over the holidays. High intensity exercise burns off significantly more body fat than traditional, steady-state endurance exercise. You work your entire body in a very short period of time. You will boost your metabolism, feel energized, beat holiday stress and look great, all from a mere 15 minutes of your day.

Perform the pair of exercises in Superset A 2-4 times in a row with little to no rest, before moving on to Superset B to repeat 2-4 times in a row. Conclude with burpees for intervals.

Here’s a fat blasting holiday workout video for you…

Super set A
1. Dumbbell Swings – 10-20
2. T-Ups – 6-10

1 Fat Blasting Holiday Workout Video

Super set B

1. Reverse Lunge – 6-10
2. V-Ups – 8-15

2 Fat Blasting Holiday Workout Video

Intervals with Burpees

Burpee Fat Blasting Holiday Workout Video

Perform sequence of burpees for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, repeat for a total of 4 to 6 minutes. Yes, it is intense and yes that is all you need to do for “cardio” for your holiday workout.

Fit Yummy Mummy Motto:

Minimize the time, Maximize your results!

Looking for Fast Results? Enjoy Workout Videos?

Enrollment is NOW Open for January’s DVD of the Month Coaching Program!


See for yourself what a difference a DVD and personalized fitness coaching can make.

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Guarantee a successful start to the New Year with the January 3:2:l ABS DVD!

This is the latest edition to the Fit Club coaching program. I designed a brand new workout format that allows you to really focus on your entire core and experience greater fat loss, toning and results.

HURRY! Doors Close Saturday, December 20th!

Stay Slim Over the Holidays

Your Stay Slim Over The Holidays Survival Guide

8621 Stay Slim Over the Holidays

Indulging in holiday sweets can sabatoge your effots to stay slim this holiday season. The average American consumes an astounding 2-3 pounds of sugar each week….this amount is sure to increase over the holiday season with the abundance of sweets available.

Treating yourself too often will most certainly…

- zap your energy
- disrupt your concentration and focus

- impair your immune system
- elicit mood swings
- accelerate the aging process
- increase cravings
- contribute to the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

Overeat sugary sweets and your body goes into fat storage mode as your body releases more insulin, a powerful hormone that signals your body to store fat.

Sugar is the Anti-Slimming Nutrient.

What is a Fit Yummy Mummy in the making to do?

You can enjoy the season and the best foods it has to offer without sacrificing your waistline. The following Holiday Sweets Survival Guide will help you practice Smart Indulging so you can Stay Slim this season.

1. Have a Sweet Treats Plan
Did you know no more than 10 percent of calories should come from sugary treats ?-That’s about 30 to 50 grams of added sugar based on your calorie intake. The best way to not blow it is to plan ahead and know when you will treat yourself. This will help you stay on track – you have something to look forward to and you are not depriving yourself (which only leads to more intense urges to over-indulge).

2. Do Not Skip Meals
Skipping meals to “save room” for your sweets treats will only slow your metabolism down, so the fat storing impact of sugar has a greater effect on your body’s ability to gain holiday pounds. Instead, eat supportive meals every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day. This will keep you satisfied and boost your metabolism – lessening the effect of sugar on your waistline.

3. Avoid Sugary Drinks
If you want to keep your sugar level in check, don’t waste your consumption on a soda, juice or fancy coffee. Save these “empty” calories for the treats you truly desire.

4. Check your Self-Talk
Rid yourself of self-sabatoging views – such as “I need to eat this, it’s the holidays, they only come once a year.” This type of thinking will only cause you to spiral out of control with little to no concern of the choices you make each day. Instead think about what you can do to keep you fat loss efforts in check.

5. Just Say NO
Be aware of friends, family and co-workers who have a tendency to “push” holiday treats on you. You are not obligated to eat it – especially if it is not in your best interest. You have the ability and power to politely say no. Others do not have control over how you choose to treat your body – you do.

6. Be Mindful
Make each indulgence count by eating with intention. How much of it will satisfy a craving or holiday memory you have. How much do you really need? This is not the type of food that has fat burning qualities – remind yourself of the consequences and keep the indulgences in check.

The most important thing during the holidays is enjoyment of traditional foods, with a sense of control or moderation. Keep your sweet treats in check, schedule your Short Burst Exercises and enjoy a slim and trim body throughout the holidays.

Fit Yummy Mummy Motto:

Minimize the time, Maximize your results!

Looking for Fast Results? Enjoy Workout Videos?

Enrollment is NOW Open for January’s DVD of the Month Coaching Program!


See for yourself what a difference a DVD and personalized fitness coaching can make. It will help you stay slim over the holidays.

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Guarantee a successful start to the New Year with the January 3:2:l ABS DVD!

This is the latest edition to the Fit Club coaching program. I designed a brand new workout format that allows you to really focus on your entire core and experience greater fat loss, toning and results.

 Stay Slim Over the Holidays

Trim your Thighs, Lift your Butt Video and DVDs

Ready to trim your thighs and lift your butt? Be sure to incorporate moves that recruit the most muscles and keep the intensity high to blast the most calories and fat in the shortest time possible. Give this sample butt and thigh super set workout video a whirl! Fit Yummy Mummy Motto: Minimize the time, Maximize your results!

How to Make Chocolate Banana Pancakes

No school today!

With a snow day like this…I was inspired to whip up some morning comfort food for breakfast! I had some fun in the kitchen and experimented with the protein pancake recipe and created Chocolate Banana Pancakes…and yes, these are healthy!

Made a video to help take you through how to make chocolate banana pancakes.

These are based on making a few small pancakes for Tyler and myself, some can be adjusted to your tastes.

1/2 cup Rolled Oats – I use Bob’s Red Mill
1 whole egg, 2 egg whites
Couple TB of low fat cottage cheese
sliced banana
Scoop of Prograde Lean Chocolate Meal Replacement
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of vanilla

Real Butter for cooking the pancakes

Toppings – fresh sliced fruit, cinnamon, heated berries, apple/apricot butter, all natural preserves…

~ use food processor to thoroughly blend pancake batter ingredients. Blend for about a minute.
~ heat butter in skillet over medium heat
~ add small batches of batter
~ watch carefully, when sides begin to brown carefully flip

Do not let heat get too high – these little pancakes cook quickly.
the smaller the batch you add to the skillet, the better it cooks and the easier it is to flip!

Give these a try and let me know what you think!
Come up with some new flavors or ideas? Please do share below : )

Alcohol and Fat Loss

Alcohol And Fat Loss!

Alcohol ~ it serves many roles.
It is a common staple during the holidays!

Regardless of your reasons for drinking, you need to be aware of the bottom line fact that alcohol may interfere with your fat loss goals.

So How Much IS okay?

Check this out…

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005
Those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages should do so sensibly and in moderation-defined as the consumption of up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men.

Here’s the whole “In Moderation” approach again!

So every day is considered moderation?

Now these guidelines were not written with fat loss goals in mind – just general weight loss. Also suggested “health benefits” aside – when Fat Loss is your goal – drinking alcohol on a daily basis will make the path to results quite difficult.

Why alcohol calories are more important than you think:

1.“One to two” drinks a day can really add up.

And I do say “one to two” in quotes, for if we struggle with the honesty of proper portion sizes with the foods we eat this most certainly carries over to the beverages we consume – alcoholic or not.

Successful fat loss begins with burning slightly more calories than you take in.

Part of the Fit Yummy Mummy supportive nutrition plan covers the fact that you may decide to choose one to two low-calorie alcoholic drinks…and in doing so, you’ll have to account for the calories.

Take this example:
Drinking 2 (12 ounce) beers will supply an extra

~300 calories a day.
~ 2100 extra calories a week.
~ Multiply that out for a year and you have 109,200 extra calories!

That’s potentially 31.2 pounds of fat in a year. YIKES!

Well what if you DO account for those calories – making nutritional and exercise choices that allow for this additional calorie intake so it does not ADD up like this?

You are STILL not in the clear….

2. Alcohol calories are still EMPTY calories.

Alcohol has virtually no nutritional value – and some negative value in more ways than one. Choosing alcoholic drinks means you are pushing out important vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber and other essential nutrients.

3. Alcohol is processed in your body much differently than the other calories you consume.

We all know the infamous term “beer belly”.

Our initial belief is that it is caused by excess alcohol calories being stored as fat.
But get this…. less than 5% of the alcohol calories you drink are turned into fat.

Rather, the main effect of alcohol is that it reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy.

Alcohol Inhibits Fat Burning!

When alcohol is consumed it is quickly absorbed into the blood and heads straight for the liver. In the liver alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde which in turn is quickly converted to acetate.

To a certain extent, the source of fuel your body uses is dictated by its availability. Your body tends to use whatever you feed it. Instead of getting stored as fat, alcohol is converted into acetate and the blood levels of acetate after drinking are 2.5 times higher than normal. Consequently, when acetate levels rise, your body simply burns more acetate, and less fat.

Alcohol puts a barrier between you and your fat loss goals.

Your body will burn the acetate you are creating first and foremost, placing fat burning on hold.

4. Alcohol Hinders Muscle Growth

You all know Muscle is your Metabolism.
Well consumption of alcohol places your body in a dehydrated state.
Hydration of muscle cells is important when trying to increase your lean muscle. Water is also a very important part of many bodily processes. Being dehydrated can seriously hinder your overall performance.

5. Alcohol Induced Cravings

Evidence suggests drinking alcoholic beverages may stimulate your appetite and cause you to eat more than you normally would. It decreases your inhibitions so you care less about how much you are eating.

Alcohol Facts that May Surprise You

• Alcohol is not a carbohydrate.

• Hard liquor is distilled and thus contains no carbohydrates.
The current “Zero Carb” campaign for vodka and whiskey is deceiving and may encourage mindless consumption.

• When grapes are made into wine, most of the fruit sugars (carbs) convert to alcohol, but a few carbs remain.
A 5-ounce glass of wine typically contains 110 calories, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and about 13 grams of alcohol (which accounts for 91 of the calories). A 5-ounce glass of wine supplies roughly the same amount of alcohol and number of calories as a 12-ounce light beer or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits.

• Beer contains carbohydrates.
The new low-carb beers are not new at all, though this type of beer does indeed have fewer carbs. Low-carb beers are simply the old light beers with a new label and ad campaign. The old Miller Lite has 96 calories and 3.2 grams of carbs in 12 ounces. The “low-carb” Michelob Ultra has 96 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs. Coors Lite has 102 calories and 5 grams of carbs. The differences are tiny—hardly worth mentioning. In contrast, a regular beer has 13 grams of carbs and more calories – 150 calories.

Calorie content of popular alcoholic drinks….

Beer (12 oz.)
Michelob Ultra: 96 calories
Miller Light: 96
Coors Light: 102
Bud Light: 110
Sam Adams: 160

Wine (4 oz.)
Red: 70
White: 65
Rose: 65

Liquor (1.5 oz)
Rum: 125 (100 proof0
Gin: 125
Vodka: 125 (100 proof)
Tequila: 115
Whiskey: 125 (100 proof)

Long Island Iced Tea: 780 calories
Margarita: 740 calories
Pina Colada: 644 calories
White Russian: 425 calories
Sex on the Beach: 356 calories
Mai Tai: 350 calories
Lemon Drop: 223 calories
Smirnoff Ice: 230
Jack Daniel’s Hard Cola: 230
Mike’s Hard Lemonade: 225

The purpose of this post is not to tell you that you can never enjoy an alcoholic beverage again.

I know I sure enjoy an ice cold Sam Adams, or 2 or 3.

Since I began my Fit Yummy Mummy lifestyle – about 4 1/2 years ago – I do not “need” as many, just a couple Sams can be super satisfying. Plus, the taste of each beer is so rich and hearty, so when I say I enjoy it – I truly do. I savor each sip.

And Have fun in the process…

 Alcohol and Fat Loss

This post was designed for those who have inquired about alcohol and fat loss. If this is you, do allot the time to take inventory to see how much you are drinking and how this may be affecting your results.

I believe it is super important to learn how to enjoy alcohol (or any other type of “unsupportive” food or drink) in moderation – which does NOT mean Every Day – so you don’t end up sabotaging your efforts for results.

Over the years I have come to respect alcohol and now recognize that it is not something I “NEED” but something to be enjoyed on occasion.

Final piece of advice – After the holidays….go through a trial of no alcohol for a certain period of time or plan out and choose to have only 1-2 drinks a week for 4-6 weeks to see if it helps with your fat loss efforts. Give it a go and be sure to share your results!


7e32cbe6bb414fa890cac84dc354008f Alcohol and Fat Loss

PS: Just a reminder that Todd’s “How to Get Six Pack Abs” program takes you through a step by step process to detox your body after drinking and STILL be able to Burn Fat. This guy knows his stuff!

Check it out => How to Get Six Pack Abs

Friday is the last day to get his mega Holiday Specials!

todd scott how to get six pack coversmall Alcohol and Fat Loss

Pregnant Fit Yummy Mummy: Marloes

Fit, Strong, Beautiful Fit Yummy Mummy Expecting a baby….any minute now!

Here’s a fun success story shared by Marloes….who you will soon see is due to deliver any moment now….to inspire and motivate all the Moms-to-Be who wonder if it truly is possible to stay fit, in shape and avoid an excess weight gain during their pregnancy.

Marloes has been a Fit Yummy Mummy since since the very 1st day this fat loss system for moms was released – November 7th 2007 to be exact!

She came to Fit Yummy Mummy for she was on maternity leave and wanted to lose the baby fat and mommy belly after the birth of her second child – who at the time was 8 months old.

Not only did Marloes succeed in a matter of 12 weeks, but she also set herself up to experience a fit and healthy pregnancy!

One of her main concerns at the start:
Can I continue on with the same program during a pregnancy?

As long as the Dr. gives you the okay…Absolutely.

Marloes jumped in to the additional resources on ClubFYM for guidance on a few adjustments and she was on her way….

Well the photos speak for themselves!

Congratulations Marloes!

I am so very proud of you and what an inspiration you are to expecting moms everywhere!
Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

Looking forward to news of the arrival and pictures!


“Well I am officially due this week or over due at this point according to my OB.

If I go by my original due date of Dec.15.08 then I am 40 weeks this weekend but according to my OB I was due Dec.6.08 and thus I am now past my due date. Either way, it is a waiting game from here on in as to when my little one will decide to come….or not! I was induced twice before and if nothing happens in the next 7 days I will be induced next week Wednesday Dec. 17.08…..hope this is a good day!

I cannot believe how far I’ve come and how fast this pregnancy has gone by! I guess chasing after two boys already will do that to you!

Here I am at the half way mark and only 7 weeks ago.

 Pregnant Fit Yummy Mummy: Marloes

As far as stats go….

April 27, 2008 (End of the 1st TC and already 7 weeks pregnant and didn’t know it yet!)
Weight: 145lbs (20lbs less thanks to Holly and Fit Yummy Mummy!)
Size: 6-8 (I think grade 9 was the last time I saw these numbers!)
Chest: 36″
Waist at Belly Button: 33.75″
Hips: 37.5″

December 10, 2008 (40 weeks pregnant give or take and ready to pop!)
Weight: 170lbs (+25lbs, exact same as with my first two pregnancies, so I’m happy with that!)
Size: Medium Maternity
Chest: 37.5″ (+1 inch, woah watch out this will increase yet as I gain some cleavage breastfeeding)
Waist at Belly Button: 43″ (+9.25″, Hello Baby!)
Hips: 38.5″ (+1 inch)

As of this morning I am 3cm dilated or just over an inch but really what does that mean, i could stay that way for another week.

I feel great, my energy is up….I am for sure nesting now as I am crazy cleaning and organizing and cleaning some more up and down my house (this is a workout in itself when you’re pregnant or not)! We have started renovations to our upstairs this week also….great timing I know but they are slated to be done by Monday already, hooray!

It will be a whirl wind of a week I am sure as I am trying to get prepared for this delivery and also literally wrap up all my final Christmas preparations so I will have no stress after!

Thank you everyone for checking in on me, that means a lot to me!!!
I plan to log in to everyday still and check in with you guys and once this baby arrives I will post pics ASAP!

Must head off to bed now! As I am done work now and officially went from being a full time working mom to a full time stay at home mom I am on school and babysitter run duties in the morning! Ha! Oh the joys and life will only get busier in a week!”

~ Marloes, Age 31, Mom of 2….soon to be 3!

This is a Video Vision Board – a Fit Yummy Mummy Strategy – Marloes used to stay focused and motivated.

Find more videos like this on Club Fit Yummy Mummy

If you would like to meet Marloes, the women who support her or just want to see what this community is all about…Come on over!

Join here => I want to check out!

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Holly

3 of My Favorite Flat Tummy Exercises Video Bonus

How about some effective, Tummy Flattening Exercise videos to get you looking your best this Holiday Season!

Well I had a chat with my buddy and Men’s Fitness insider, Todd Scott, this morning about the fact that his holiday special for the complete How To Get 6 Pack Abs guide is missing some of my favorite flat tummy exercises.

Since Todd’s running an amazing holiday special through Friday, Dec. 12th ~ Holiday Abs Mega Bonus ~I thought I would not only show you some of my favorite ab exercises, but that I’d also offer you the opportunity to receive my very own Fit Yummy Mummy Flat Tummy exercise Workout Guide – a system I personally incorporate into my workouts for fab results.

Check out my video to see what a difference having the right program can make along with 3 of my faves! Yep, I even included the shot of a photo of my abs to wrap up this video.

All you need to do is order your copy of “How to Get 6 Pack Abs” => HERE <= by Friday, December 12th, send me a copy of your receipt to…

…and I will send you my Fit Yummy Mummy Flat Tummy Guide, a bonus you will not find Anywhere else!

I am jamming all the best tips, strategies and my favorite 10 moves… I am doing my best to finish putting this together and will have ready and in your hands by next week…since I just came up with this idea this morning.

Check out Todd’s crazy bonus package
How to Get 5 Pack Abs and Then Some!

He’s even offering a 7 day trial so you can be confident in your decision.

Enjoy the video and I look forward to sharing my newest Fit Yummy Mummy Flat Tummy Guide with you!

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby

Author of Fit Yummy Mummy

Follow me on Twitter:

I’ll be sharing more videos and quick tips to help you lose weight over the holidays!

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