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The Truth behind the Fear of Women Getting Bulky!

300px She hulk 004 The Truth behind the Fear of Women Getting Bulky!

“I am doing 100 reps for each leg exercise, can I continue with these?”

To be very honest, when I first received this question I cringed.

Initially because this is by far not an effective method for fat loss plus this approach will only lead to hours of working out with little to no results.

Then I had a flashback.

It was not that long ago, that I too was doing the exact same thing!

Yep -My biggest exercise mistake:

Six Pack Abs for Moms

6+pack+moms Six Pack Abs for Moms

After having three children, these two 38-year-old Moms prove you CAN get your body back after pregnancy! Yup, It’s Six Pack Abs For Moms!

The Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Summer Transformation comes to an end this week. Finalists will be chosen and voting will begin next Monday. Out of the 300+ women who joined the challenge, there are dozens of new success stories being submitted every day.

One of the many exciting transformations, are the flat tummy results moms are achieving.

This week’s story is especially fun, for here are two moms – one from Knoxville TN and one from thousands of miles away in New Zealand, but they share a common experience from their 12 week challenge.


Both Moms are 38 years old

Both Moms have had three children ages 2-10

Both Moms have exceed their Flat Tummy Goals as they achieved a New level of Lean-ness and now Celebrate their Six Pack Abs Results!

See Six Pack Abs photos Below!

Warning Weight Loss Gimmick: What you should know about Wraps

I was just contacted by a woman who used to be a member of ClubFYM – and I sure hope she did not spam our community.

I received quite a nasty email from her after telling her I – nor our community – was interested in the “weight loss gimmick” – my own words- she was attempting to pitch to me in a private email.

This is of great concern to me for I feel too many of us are taken advantage of by the weight loss industry as it offers the next best gadget, pill or device to help you “lose inches – lose weight” in minutes and without any effort on your part.

I want to share the email this woman sent to me in an effort to help inform you and help you have the instinct and the knowledge to not fall prey to such tactics.

See her Surprising Email to me Below!

Skinny Jeans Success: 4.5 Inches off Mommy Belly!

Marie’s 12 Week Summer Transformation Results gave her the Reward of being able to find skinny jeans success!

“The thought of my ideal self is a young, fit lifeguard at the pool with a perfect tan, no stretch marks, and not a care in the world. I thought that young girl was long gone.

In a way she is, but in another way I got her back, at least the body! I am happy for having people, my children, to care for and worry about. That is the one thing I never want to change.

See my  Skinny Jeans Photos Below!

Post pregnancy Weight Loss Success Story: Size 14 to Triathlon Mom

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story From one Challenge to the next, Deirdre proves that Fit Moms can do anything – Even become a triathlon mom!

“A year ago, I was a size 12, pushing towards a 14.”

One of the greatest achievements in life is to tackle a goal so unknown, an experience so untouched but you move toward it anyway. And when you conquer it, you walk away truly empowered, confident and thankful for the experience.
“My first BIG achievement: I fit into a Size 8!”

New Post Pregnancy Fat Loss Results: Lose Your Mommy Belly!

mandy+post New Post Pregnancy Fat Loss Results: Lose Your Mommy Belly!

“I can’t believe it’s over, and I have the post pregnancy fat loss results I wanted.”

I’ve completed the 12 week summer transformation challenge and a transformation was definitely made!

Through all of this, I’m not sure I would have survived if it weren’t for Fit Yummy Mummy, the STC, Holly, and the ladies of ClubFYM.

I have gained a remarkable amount of energy since my post pregnancy fat loss journey began, a far more positive attitude, and a boost in my self confidence. I have gained strength, not just the physical (I can now do 30 real push-ups when I could do ZERO before), but as a person as well – I feel that I am in control of my life – creating my destiny.


Wow – Check OUT Mandy’s Brand New Post Post Pregnancy Fat Loss Body Photos Below =>

2 Day TeleFundraiser: Help for Hurricane Ike Victims

A Message from my Friend Sincere…
“Will you join me, live, for the next couple of days?

Will you help me, along with 10 of the top names in the health & fitness industry; help displaced families highly affected by the damages of Hurricane Ike?

Yesterday was one month to the day that Hurricane Ike roared through the Houston-Galveston area, causing millions of dollars in property damage, and an immeasurable amount of emotional, spiritual and mental damage to residents caught in Ike’s path?

While organizations such as the Houston Food Bank and the Awakening’s Movement’s REACH 3 Ward assistance program work diligently to helped displaced storm victim regain “life as normal,” their funds and resources are limited.

Beginning Wednesday, October 15

Join me, and an expert panel of health & fitness professionals for a 2 day telefundraiser, as we not only conduct 6 live phone calls broadcasted live over the internet, but we help raise funds for these two organizations, in order to assist them in their efforts to help rebuild the lives of Hurricane Ike victims.

Your generous donation gets you 24/7 VIP access to 6 content-rich calls discussing the best health & fitness tips to help you create the body, and live the healthiest life you desire. If you cannot make the live calls or webinar, your generous donation gives you unlimited access to replays of all 6 calls, their transcripts, as well as give you the option to download each call and save them as an MP3.

I have hand-picked the best in the health & fitness world to give you their top tips on:

1. How Busy Parents Can Fit Exercise in a Crazy Schedule
2. The Top Foods You Should Be Eating To Create The Body You Desire
3. Why Kettlebells Are the Body Sculpting Tool OF Choice For Today’s Top Celebrities, and Why Should Be Using Them Now!
4. How to Create the Proper Support Team For Your Fitness Success
5. How To Create A Success Mindset in Order To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goals
6. How To Create A Lean, Tone Body You Desire Without Ever Purchasing
A Gym Membership

See the Expert Panel….

ChrisLopez5x7 2 Day TeleFundraiser: Help for Hurricane Ike Victims
“Fitness For Busy Parents: How To Become Your Child’s Superhero”

Workouts For Moms Halloween Video: Burn Fat with a Pumpkin

Workouts for moms; Are you getting a jump start on your Holiday Weight Gain?

Yes, I wanted to give you a bit of a scare – I need to grab your attention – for did you know the typical holiday weight gain is 5 and even up to 10 pounds through the holidays and into the New Year?

And guess what, it all begins with Halloween!

How could it NOT with all the sugar laden treats! Candy just isn’t around for one day. Halloween treats at home, Halloween treats at the workplace, and Halloween treats beneath our car seats. And it’s around for weeks!

Halloween is quickly approaching….How much more frightening can it get?

Fear not!

You can lose fat and look and feel your very best over the holidays!

All you have to do….is start your workouts for moms now.

I have created a fun Halloween Pumpkin workout to kick off a healthy and fit holiday season ~ I even dressed up for the occasion, after all, this is all about making fitness fun!

CHECK out My Halloween Video - what do you think of my Costume?

"What Are You Doing Mom?"

 "What Are You Doing Mom?"

“As I was doing my intervals on the stairs this morning, my oldest son, though who is now 13, will always be my babe icon wink "What Are You Doing Mom?" asked me,

“What are you doing? I thought the challenge ended like 2 weeks ago?”

What a perfect teaching moment, huh? The STC ended, I explained to him, but my desire to remain fit and healthy did not.”

A quote shared from Cory’s Transformation Challenge Final Essay:

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

 "What Are You Doing Mom?"

“My son’s question will foster many future discussions. This lesson is going to carry over into so many areas of our lives! Can you even imagine how much mileage I’ll get from this???

I’m taking this one to the “Who Says?” discussion board!

“Who says my workouts have to end because the challenge is over?”

~ Cory, Proud Mom and Member of ClubFYM

“What are you doing Mom?”

Join in the discussion!

Leave your thoughts below….


You are always welcome to Join and meet Cory as well as hundreds of Moms just like you who have discovered not only the most effective way to reshape their bodies, but how to continue on and keep those results for a lifetime!

Join by Clicking Here =>

clubFYM Main "What Are You Doing Mom?"

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Gets Hers Back

DCCBadge Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Gets Hers Back

October 5, 2008

Christi Kendrick was one of the two hundred and seventy-seven Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Alumni who performed at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Farewell to Texas Stadium performance during halftime of Sunday’s Bengals-Cowboys game this past Sunday.

Christi reaches her better body after baby goals just in time to attend the DCC Alumni Event in a Farewell to Texas Stadium looking and feeling her VERY best.

Christi was Monday’s Featured Fit Yummy Mummy – sharing how her experience with the 12 week Transformation Challenge has changed her body and her life as she was able to relive her experience one of America’s Sweethearts!

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