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1 Minute Thank You from Tyler

This video was created by Tyler and I to say Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes this weekend.

Tyler had the Best Birthday yet!

Lose Your Mommy Belly: A Real Mom’s Results

April P 1 913x1024 Lose Your Mommy Belly: A Real Moms Results

Want to lose your mommy belly?

Here is how April shed nearly 5 Inches off her Mommy Belly in just 12 weeks!

‘If someone had told me a few years ago that I could get in an effective, fat-burning workout in just 20 min. a day, I would have thought they were crazy!

But that was back when I was working out like a fiend, for an hour and a half in the gym at least 4-5 times a week, I had one child, I was in my late 20’s, and had a little more energy……

Fast forward about 8 years later.

I’m 37, have an active 15 year old, very active 2 year old (ahhh, those terrible two’s!!) and an 8-1/2 month old (I had 2 babies and 2 c-sections just 19 months apart).

I’m out of shape and 75 lbs. overweight…

Happy Birthday Tyler~

 Happy Birthday Tyler~

As you know, Tyler is my daily source of joy, gratitude, entertainment and wisdom!

And this child sure comes up with the most insightful ideas and thoughts.
I have shared his wisdom with you in the past, well the older this kid gets – the more he gives.

Just yesterday he came to me while I was preparing dinner and said – “Mommy, you are always so busy doing, doing, doing!”

Now my first thoughts were of “doing” too much and not taking enough time to spend with my child.

Weight Loss For Moms: Clearing Up Calorie Confusion

 Weight Loss For Moms: Clearing Up Calorie Confusion

Calorie Confusion hurts Weight Loss For Moms!
“How many calories do I need to eat to see the fastest results?”

Even more important….
“How much LESS do I eat before I begin destroying my metabolism? “

As you begin your Fat Loss journey, it is important to realize that your total weight is the result of the number of calories you take in and the number of calories you burn.

We have too much fat because we took in more calories than our body could use or burn.

So the process of fat loss is simply a game of numbers. In order to lose – we must simply take in slightly less calories – eat less and move more.

Well, one of the biggest mistakes women make when they begin a Fat Loss program, is …

Mommy Belly Result- 38 year old Mom Loses 2 Inches!

Liz Mommy Belly Result  38 year old Mom Loses 2 Inches!

“I finished the Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Summer Transformation Challenge!

Best birthday gift I have ever given to myself to start getting rid of my mommy belly!!”

Liz, who started the 12 Week Summer Transformation Challenge on her 38th birthday, set her goals at looking in better shape NOW than she did when she was in her 20’s. Liz has achieved this goal and more and lost 2 inches off her mommy belly.

Results- Loss of 11 pounds, 2 sizes, 11 3/4 total inches – including 2 inches lost from Mommy Belly!

See her amazing before and after pictures!

Lose Baby Belly: Mom of 6 loses 10 pounds in 4 Weeks

 Lose Baby Belly: Mom of 6 loses 10 pounds in 4 Weeks



UPDATE: This is me after 5 weeks on FYM. I started at 138 lbs. and am now at 126 lbs. Even I didn’t expect results like this so soon!”

The newest success story comes from Rachel, a busy mom of 6 who is amazed at how she lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks.

“I started FYM 4 weeks ago and have lost 10 lbs. already, plus clothes aren’t tight anymore!

I feared the worst, I didn’t know how to lose the baby belly but it has been so easy and I feel wonderful.

Weight Loss For Moms Nutrition Rules You are Breaking Everyday

531735508 3797e5ab8d Weight Loss For Moms Nutrition Rules You are Breaking Everyday


Weight Loss For Moms:Below Are 5 Nutrition Rules You Are Breaking!

And Small changes add up to BIG results!

You’ve heard it before and I am about to show you why.

Did you know that the nutrition rules you break each and every day can add up to prevent you from ever making progress with your fat loss goals?

Exercise aside – you simply cannot discount the eating habits that cause your body to either be in fat burning mode or fat storage mode.

Time to STOP breaking these rules

- fire up your metabolism and

- get on the Fast Track to Results once again!

STOP Breaking these TOP 5 Nutrition Rules for weight loss for moms

100 Days Remain

 100 Days Remain

The most essential step you can take to achieve amazing fat loss success is…..Goal Setting.

Seems that in almost every reply I state this in, to women who are desperate to know what they must do to succeed – there is a sudden sense of feeling deflated.

“You mean there is no tummy tightening, metabolism stoking workout that will put me on the fast track?”

Nope. In fact this is exactly how the Fit Yummy Mummy system begins. You must establish your goals and create a mindset programed for success. This precedes the nutrition section and the workout plans.

If this is still an area you feel you struggle with, then I have the Ultimate Solution for You.

ClubFYM Featured Ning Social Network!

featured+ning ClubFYM Featured Ning Social Network!

What a community we have created!

We’ve even caught the attention of the Ning Social Network itself!

Read the write up….

Ning Features ClubFYM => HERE

Not yet a member?

What are you waiting for? Join today!

Marketing to Moms: What are YOU being Sold On?

 Marketing to Moms: What are YOU being Sold On?

Do you ever think twice about what you are being told to buy?
I take great interest in what is happening from a marketing standpoint – for my eyes were never open to this in the past.

Check out this formula:

Moms manage 80% of the household spending
Moms want only the best for their kids and families
Companies spend MILLIONS to “win moms over”

= Moms buy more “products”
which BTW comes to $1.7 trillion in potential sales for marketers.

As I shared in my newsletter yesterday, the Wall Street Journal says the corn refiners are spending as much as $30 million dollars to win moms over on an ingredient that leaves everyone who is fitness savvy
quite uneasy!

How does it feel to know companies are spending this type of money to BUY your approval – and the “approval” of WHAT is most terrifying!

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