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Crack your Cardio Routine Comfort Zone For Effective Fat Loss For Moms

Fat Loss For Moms. Here Is How to Get Results with your Cardio Routine.

treadmill+1 Crack your Cardio Routine Comfort Zone For Effective Fat Loss For Moms

Crank Up the Intensity – Reduce the Time

This is your formula for maximum fat loss for moms.

Trouble is, we start OFF doing this and slowly but surely, our results seem harder to attain.

You’ve embraced the idea that Long, Boring, Steady State Cardio is just not going to cut it when real world fat loss for moms is your goal.

Click HERE =>WHY Intervals are More Effective than Steady State Cardio for a recap.

You changed your fat loss for moms cardio routine up and are trying the interval style routine – something like this…

"I’m Not Losing Weight!!!" Help for Stalled Results

I’m Not Losing Weight!!!

It happens to Every One of us.

You are working your hardest – putting all of your efforts into your workout regimen and supportive meal plans. Maybe you see some initial results and they suddenly Stop or maybe you are still waiting TO see them.

 "Im Not Losing Weight!!!" Help for Stalled Results

In either case…You Are Frustrated!

One of our beautiful FYM’s April pointed out a question I had posed for you in the “Burn the Belly Fat” post:

1. Step back and ask yourself, is the fat loss system you’ve been using working?
If no, then why continue?”

Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Lose Your Mummy Tummy – “Mommy Belly” Busters

bikini+abs Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Flat Abs – The Ultimate sign of Success for so many women – especially Moms!

To just feel good about the way our body looks and feels in the outfits we wear as well as when we take them off!

How often have you looked long and hard in the mirror at your belly? How do you feel about what you see? Embarrassed, ashamed angry that you may not be able to lose your mummy tummy?

This July make it your mission to lose your mummy tummy and feel the confidence you long to have.

Get a Jump Start on banishing your Jello Belly with these Top 3 “Mommy Belly” Busters:

~ The BEST Exercise to lose your mummy tummy is….

Is Your Computer Making You Fat?

 Is Your Computer Making You Fat?

Is Your Computer Making You Fat?

“Well, if you are reading this…

…chances are you’re sitting at a computer.

And IF you ARE SITTING at a COMPUTER reading this right now did you know according to latest medical research the VERY ACT OF SITTING may be MAKING YOU FAT!

Pretty obvious, but wait, this is why…

Dax on Oprah

 Dax on Oprah

Dax Moy – AKA.  Dax On Oprah!

The most inspirational man you will ever listen to – or have the pleasure of meeting – who has developed the most powerful goal achievement program – The Magic Hundred - has set yet another amazing goal.

This 100 day goal setting program has helped him to visit the Amazon, the Australian Outback, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, free falled over the Great Barrier Reef, Swam in Crocodile and Pirhana infested rivers, scuba dived with giant Manta Ray in the Red Sea and survived the Tsunami with my family in Thailand….and even arrange a meeting to meet the Queen within a two week span of setting this amazing goal.

With that, Dax is at it again. And he’s calling it Dax on Oprah!
Dax has set a goal to appear on Oprah within the next 100 days. As we all know – this is no small feat. So Dax has asked his supporters to give a hand in helping to get Dax On Oprah.

Here is a message from Dax:

Get Fit this Summer with a Playground Workout

Take it Outside And Do A Playground Workout!monkey+bars Get Fit this Summer with a Playground Workout

What better way to love your summer workout than to take it outside and add some fun by going to the local playground!

That is exactly what Debbie and I did Monday afternoon. It was our last session together as our training company has come to a close here in E’town as new business ventures open- so my time training Debbie was quite meaningful.

She loves the variety of the short burst resistance training workouts I design for her – and after 2 years of working together, she has just about seen it all…..or so she thought! I love surprising her with new techniques and new ways to make her usual workouts feel twice as challenging.

So Monday I decided to show her – that there was still More she could experience.

What follows is her Playground Workout. She plans on incorporating this into her workout schedule once a week when the weather is nice enough to allow it.

Playground Workout

Perform each super set 3-4 times in a row with little to no rest before moving on to the next super set. Ex: A1 A2, A1 A2, A1 A2 – rest B1 B2, B1 B2, B1 B2- rest….etc.

Begin Your Summer Slim Down Today!

Get Excited For The Summer Slim Down!mental fitness Begin Your Summer Slim Down Today!

It’s time to begin your Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Slim Down and win Fabulous Prizes for your Results!

How do these summer slim down prizes sound…

~ $1,000 American Express Gift Card
~ $500 in free Prograde Supplements
~ iPod Touch
~ $250 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card


Well, the 12 Week Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Slim Down Challenge is now Up and Ready – next step is for you to request to join The Summer Transformation Challenge Group at ClubFYM.

summertc+square Begin Your Summer Slim Down Today!

Click HERE to Join

You may register anytime between July 1st and July 31st.

There are many tips, tools and features, so take some time to browse through everything the Challenge Group has to offer.

- FREE 12 month access to Online Menu Planner There you will be able to create unlimited, nutritionally balanced meals using your favorite foods. This same exact program sells online for $119.40 per year. ($119.40 Value)

- Save 20% off your Prograde order

- Access Summer Slim Down Expert Interviews

I will be inviting 3 additional summer slim down experts to interview during your 12 week summer slim down challenge as well…from Dax Moy – author of the Elimination Diet to Jayson Hunter – Prograde’s dietitian and author of the Carb Rotation Diet.

- A ton of additional audio and video resources to help you maximize your summer slim down results each step of the way!

- Coaching Calls with Holly Rigsby
To help assist you in the transformation, I will be holding 6 LIVE bi-weekly group coaching calls to help answer questions and keep you on track during the transformation challenge. During the last Challenge, coaching calls were recorded and will be shared during this challenge as well.

I will also be offering a BONUS Coaching Call next Week to help Jump Start the  summer slim down FYM”s who are rearing and ready to go – plus I am excited to get everyone on the call too!

So be sure to Sign Up Today so you do NOT Miss OUT!







Click HERE for Summer Transformation Challenge

Be sure you have ….

1. your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy
2. your before photos
3. your measurements
4. your goals
5. and of course your commitment and pure enthusiasm….for this is going to be one amazing 12 week experience!!!

I look forward to sharing this with you!


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