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Busy Mom Gets Fit

The Time is NOW: 
A New Beginning

How this busy mom gets fit

sun Busy Mom Gets Fit


“I had signed up for the Transformation Challenge on the very last day – that is Feb 28th and I was all excited and determined that this would be different from any other fitness resolution I had taken – and quickly relinquished. However, just the first few days all the normal challenges started to come up – and very quickly I had fallen off and was back to my old ways – I hadn’t really changed everything.

And before I knew it a month had passed. That was depressing enough. But I also started thinking my usual thoughts – I can’t do this – I don’t have the time. I’ve already blown the Transformation Challenge – so I’ll postpone this fitness thing a few months – when I have more time.

But reality is: I will never have more time than now – there will always be something. Unless I wait 10 more years till my kids go to college!!

The wake up call came when I tried on a skirt I hadn’t worn for some time – and it barely fit!

It was loose around the waste when I had started the TC. OMG! I had not only failed to follow through – but I had even gained more weight.

Devastated …. I realized I just could not wait.
I needed to do this now because I hated myself every time I put on clothes – which is ALL the time.

Then I opened my email and found Holly’s magical message: You are forgiven.

Somehow, my thinking changed: I WILL do it now. This program was designed for busy moms – so I can make the time for it.

I have promised myself to do this FOR ME - TO TAKE CARE OF ME.

After thinking through why I failed last time,

I have come up with the busy mom gets fit strategy:

1) Focus on one nutrition goal at a time until I perfect it. My current goal is to not cheat (except on the weekends). Previously I cheated 3 times a day.

2) I dedicate the first hour of every day to CARE FOR MYSELF by: planning my meals for the day, doing a the workouts 3 times a week and writing this blog.

Today is my second day of Fit Yummy Mummy and the Transformation Challenge. On my first day (yesterday) I did my workouts, did not cheat once all day, and ate 1445 calories (calculated through FITDAY site) and I just feel great.

I will take it one day at a time.

3) To participate more in ClubFYM to give and receive support.

Thank you Holly and thanks to all you great women who have made Fit Yummy Mummy such a blessing.”

~ Iman, Mom of Three – Ali 10; Asmaa 6; Hussein 4, Cairo, Egypt

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Something is Better than Nothing!

Something Is Better Than Nothing – The Power of Taking Action

j0433095 Something is Better than Nothing!

“So I admit that in the past I have tried every diet and exercise program out there.

Even when I didn’t need to lose weight I was always on the lookout for that next best thing; that diet that would be the answer to my prayers. It became such a way of life. I would scan the shelves at the bookstore for the latest and greatest., buy the book/program, read it, get very excited, jump on the bandwagon and then two days later fall off……never to jump back on! I have what amounts to a small library of diet books and programs.

So now two things are happening here.

I was on the Fit Yummy Mummy program for 9 days before I got sick.

That was the longest period I had ever followed any program. Success!
Then I got sick – it took another 10 days to fully recover. And one week to revert back to my old habits. Not so much of a success. I kept telling myself that I’d get back on the program ‘tomorrow.’
But tomorrow never came!!

So the other day I made the decision that I wasn’t just going to sit and do nothing. That something is better than nothing! Even if I wasn’t doing everything, I was going to do something.

So I started drinking all my water again (what a difference that small step makes in my hunger level and cravings). I’m not following the workouts again yet but I’m not just sitting on the couch either (although right now I AM in front of the computer)! I am not eating supportively but neither is my eating out of control (which is a huge thing for me)!

So I guess all I’m saying is that for those of you out there in the same boat – who’ve fallen off the wagon but are anxious to get back on………… something!

If it can’t be everything, let it be something, because something is better than nothing.”

~ Kathleen, Age 35, Mom of 2 Boys, Ontario, Canada

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Get Back into your Skinny Jeans!

Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans And Kick’ Those Old Jeans Goodbye!

JeansBelt Get Back into your Skinny Jeans!

“Yesterday I went through the day feeling slouchy. Something was not right.

My jeans felt all wrong!

There was a big bulge in the front, and the tighter I cinched my belt, the worse it looked, felt. “That’s it!” I said at the end of the day, after having been preoccupied by other things all day long. “I am trying those skinny jeans on again!!”

Two weeks ago, inspired by Michele’s great blog…

 Get Back into your Skinny Jeans!

My “Fitting” Jeans were tight. Oh No!

…I decided to pull my skinny jeans out of the tub where there were stored in the basement. I tried them on – over the thighs, easy!!

(That was a miracle as I consider my thighs my trouble spot.)

Over the hips….

about an inch and a half to go….

and I think I could wear them again!!

So I laid them on top of my dresser, ready to use these now as my fitness tracker instead of that silly old, unreliable scale!

Now yesterday I was ready to give them another go.

I could not believe it – they fit!!!!

They looked great!!
Double check with husband that I was not going to embarrass myself in public (aka too tight) – he said “Wowza!

Oh, yes, I did it!!!!!

Woohoo!! I walked out of the house last night with confidence, flirty!! I was soaring all night long! This is it!!

I am so glad I saved my skinny jeans!!

(Now what to do about the fact that I am going to feel frumpy in my other jeans I must kick goodbye?? Time to hit the consignment stores, I think!!! I do not want to disservice the FYM system or my husband by wearing those baggy old things :)!!)

I am so thrilled and I am only into my 6th week of the challenge!! Maybe I’ll need some even skinnier jeans soon!!!!” ~ Angela Rosa, 40, Mom of Three

Meet Angela and the hundreds of women who have supported her as she made her way back into her Skinny Jeans. Social Support is the #1 factor for a woman’s weight loss success. ClubFYM is filled with women who are going through a similar experience and who will tell you the truth about what it takes to be successful, and what it takes to get back into your skinny jeans.


3 Keys to Weight Loss for Moms

End the Struggle, Get Your Body Back With These 3 Keys to Weight Loss

j0422209 3 Keys to Weight Loss for Moms





Jan Ferrante, The Queen of Kaos, the gives you the inside scoop on how to be successful with Fit Yummy Mummy as well as how the amazing support system found at ClubFYM makes all the difference to true and lasting results.

“The end of this week will mark the half way point of the Fit Yummy Transformational Challenge.

It seems like hardly any time has passed.


The funny thing is that the biggest change I am seeing – and feeling – is not in my size.

It’s in my attitude.

I had been “intending to lose”, the last 10 lbs for about a year. Ever since I started packing it back on after our local gym closed. I had lost 10 lbs there, vowed not to fall into my old ways – you’d think I would have known better.

Anyway – sure enough – I gained almost 5 of it back.

I was carrying around that feeling of failure – both in losing my hard won win with the weight I had lost – and because I just couldn’t seem to get back on track – even though I knew how to do it?

I found Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy, weight loss program for mom’s and even then, left it sitting on my computer for 2 months, pulling it out for a day here, a day there, but not getting on the program.

February marked the 2 year anniversary of the first spring “bikini” ready challenge I had been successful with.

I was primed and vowed that I was going to get on the program.

And as it goes sometimes, I hit the jackpot when I got an email from Holly saying she was running a Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation that would go from Feb – May for a total of 12 weeks.

I was on board! Over the past weeks I have been getting increasingly stronger, have lost about 4 lbs of the 10 I’d like to loose.

I am heading in the right direction. And I can tell you, it’s so much better than knowing that I am heading in the wrong one.

~ I don’t feel guilty anymore.

~ I don’t feel like I am schlepping through life.

~ I feel stronger…in body but especially in spirit.

The good news is that that strength spurs me on, it keeps me going and wanting to do better.


I have been finding some interesting things going on as the challenge progresses.

The first one is again – frame of mind.

When things aren’t easy, when things aren’t going as planned – the cookie jar is no longer the solution. I’m finding also, that we are problem solving. It has become the natural thing to do.

Members of the club will post a problem and ask for feedback. We’ll get our thinking caps on and share what has worked for us.

I’ve received very helpful advise and hopefully given some too. And of course, Holly is always there with a solution.

It has become a process to look for the answer – to find out what we can do differently – where we are going wrong – how to solve it, instead of mindlessly eating, excuses, neglecting exercise and wondering why we are out of shape and growing out of our clothes.

The process of problem solving is a major component of successful weight loss and good health.


The next thing that I’ve noticed, and it is the foundation of problem solving, is that we are actively choosing – making the choice to eat better, to exercise regularly.

Weight loss and good health is a series of small choices made daily.

The first choice is the act of deciding either to develop the habits we need to have to accomplish a healthy lifestyle – or not.

I hear women making food jokes quite often – the sea food diet – when I see food – I eat it type of thing. These women are making a choice every time they decide to sustain the lifestyle that enables them to keep cracking the food jokes. They are giving themselves permission to live this way.

Which brings me to the last point.

GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION – It’s not what you think.

One of the biggest changes that I made – during both of the weight loss challenges I have participated in – has been to withdraw permission for myself to continue with unhealthy habits.

When I stand at the cupboard intending to graze mindlessly on dead, processed food – I make the choice to deny myself permission to continue.

I like to say “lets not and say we did”.

I walk away and 5 minutes later, it doesn’t matter to me if I ate it or not, I’ve forgotten all about it – one of the good things about getting older.


These are 3 keys to weight loss for moms that will help develop the kind of mindset that you will need to take the weight off and to continue with your healthy lifestyle.”

~ Jan Ferrante, Queen of Kaos

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You are invited to join our free Fit Yummy Mummy social support community. Meet Jan and hundreds of moms who losing the baby fat and getting their body back. Access what works for them and hear first hand how they do it. Social Support is the #1 factor for a woman’s weight loss success, and what has helped to make these 3 keys to weight loss successful.

Does Your Metabolism Slow With Age?

Does Your Metabolism Slow With Age?

j0398967 Does Your Metabolism Slow With Age?

Does age have anything to do with your ability to see faster results?

When it comes to achieving the fat loss results you are after, AGE becomes a factor – ONLY when you allow it to be one.

Let’s face it. Making changes to the way you think, eat and move can be uncomfortable and a bit of a challenge at times. As human beings, we naturally take the path of least resistance. We tend to seek out excuses for WHY we cannot follow through.

How many times have you let the rain, getting up late or having a bad day give you the “get out of your plan to stay fit and healthy FREE card”?

Well, when it comes to the “‘myth” that we are destined to gain weight as we age for our metabolism naturally slows, it is no different. Rather, it is time to recognize and take responsibility.

Starting at around age 30 you will lose approximately 6.6 pounds of lean muscle mass during each decade of life. Numerous studies indicate that muscle mass may decline by 20% to 40% in people who do not get the proper nutrients.

YES – there is SOME truth to this myth. As women age, many hormonal changes take place that cause our body’s to slowly lose lean muscle mass.

Keep in mind that the less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism will be. So this does support the question of does your metabolism slow with age?

However, this does not mean you just roll over and accept it. You are in control of how your body deals with these changes.

The main reasons why women gain weight as they age:

1. They are not involved in an effective resistance training plan to help maintain or increase lean muscle.

2. They are not filling their bodies with whole, natural hormonal balancing foods.

3. They are not as active.

4. They do not adjust their calorie intake to account for a change in their activity level.

Want to turn back the clock on your Metabolism?

Be sure you are

~ Performing resistance training at least 3 days a week. Your plan must include a progressively challenging format. Doing the same exercises day in and day out performing high repetitions with “Barbie weights” is not an effective resistance training plan and you will not see results.

~ Eat! As many women age, they tend to not eat enough – this in turn will slow your metabolism. It is important to eat enough calories to support the lean muscle you are attempting too maintain or even increase.

~ Eat often. Be sure you are fueling your body every 3 to 4 hours. Going too long between meals will only cause your body to lose lean muscle mass and worse – set you up to have cravings – causing you to overeat later in the day leading to fat storage.

~ Eat Supportively. If you fill your body with junk…of course your hormones will be off, your metabolism will slow, you will lack energy and you will gain weight. Begin to make a difference today by keeping track of the foods you eat and identify what substitutions need to be made.

You can do this!


So That Answers The Question Of  Does Metabolism Slow With Age?

Remember: You are not a victim of your metabolism…
You are the Creator

Want to make better choices about how you exercise and feed your body to promote a youthful, healthy, fat burning metabolism? Be sure to check out Fit Yummy Mummy.

Need proof it works? Join ClubFYM and meet the women who prove it IS possible to Turn Back the Clock for your Metabolism.


Lose your Mommy Belly in 6 Weeks!

Lose Your Mommy Belly In 6 Weeks!

Gaining Muscle – Losing Inches!
“If this keeps up, I’ll be in a Bikini by June!”
lisa+ba2 Lose your Mommy Belly in 6 Weeks!

28 year old Lisa, Mom of 2 daughters – 2 and 3 born 13 months apart, Eliminates her Mommy Belly!

“Many women seem concerned about; seeing results right away, the number on the scale, what you drink, knowing the length/effectiveness of the workouts, messing up the nutrition and having too many sweet or salty treats.

I started Fit Yummy Mummy in November.

So just in time for a whole whack of holidays! I had 5 birthdays, Christmas and New years all in my first six weeks on the program! And yes, I ate Holiday treats during this time, but Holly tells you all you need to know to survive these times and gives you the best goal setting method I have ever seen. I had a few too many treats and only saw minor improvements at first ….but be patient, it takes time to get the nutrition right!

In January I went full out and did FYM in combo with the elimination diet.

This greatly accelerated my results by letting me know that I don’t react well to some foods and that had slowed my results in the past.

If your results aren’t coming and you are following the program, refine your nutrition plan! If you do cheat, don’t beat yourself up over it. I had a few too many cheats and my progress slowed but I never quit and I never went backwards. I took Holly’s advice and learned what caused me to cheat so I could come up with a plan for next time.

One thing I read that helped me when faced with a cheat is to say “oh well, it’s not on my plan”, this gives you the power not the food. For big cravings I look at the food and think of the ingredients; sugar, fat, salt, preservatives and say, “I deserve better!” You can make unhealthy choices seem much less appealing if you think of what they really are.

I then signed up for the FYM Transformation Challenge.

I was so excited I signed up as soon as I saw the message, and had my husband take my pictures that night. When I took my measurements I saw that so far on Fit Yummy Mummy I had dropped 5lbs, and lost 2’’ off of my chest (darn it!), 2” off of my lower waist and 3” off of my hips. Pretty good for Holiday season!

Then my excitement took a hit!

I got the flu, and not the 24h stomach bug, oh no I had the week long, fever/chills laid out in bed flu. So I did what Holly told me to do, I focused on my nutrition. I raised my calories to give my body the fuel it needed to recover and took a week off of working out. But despite that I didn’t quit, I kept at it and even stayed in the competition. I wasn’t about to let getting sick stop me from getting the body I deserve!

So I got right back to my Fit Yummy Mummy workout plan as soon as I was healthy, even increased the weight I was using.

I got pretty excited because I could do my belt up one notch tighter than before so I got on the scale! I had gained two pounds.

Now I have read a few posts out there that talk about gaining weight or staying the same and how upset you all are at the lack of progress. But these are usually followed by posts about loose fitting clothes and more energy. Well when I looked at the scale, even though I didn’t like seeing the numbers go up I was happy. Because numbers going up while measurements go down meant I was swapping fat for muscle! Yeah!!

Now I was rearing to go, until I got a groin injury.

So now, shortly after being sick, I was injured. (This injury was not in any way related to the program, just me being a bit clumsy in my spare time!)

Did I give up and put my feet up for a week until I was full strength?

Not a chance!

I tailored all the workouts so that they were upper body only, including intervals, and kept right on going. Was I happy about being injured of course not, but I had to make the best out of my situation.

To cheer myself up I decided to check my results the day I got injured. I had already decreased my upper waist by ½”, my lower waist by 1” and my hips by 1 ½” since the start of the challenge. And this was only the start of week 4! So after one week my doctor said I was cleared to workout again. I did two full strength workouts and decided to check my results again because I was curious to see how well you could do with upper body only.

While injured I decreased my upper waist by ¼”, my lower waist by ½” and my hips by 1”!

If you have any doubts about short workouts working ….

just look at my results with workouts that were even shorter and less intense. Don’t let the short duration fool you, these workouts are tough, and they get results when you are following the nutrition part of the program as well!

The definitely will help you lose your mommy belly!

So here I am at the start of week 7.

Over the last

six weeks I have dropped:

lisa+ba1 Lose your Mommy Belly in 6 Weeks!

1 ½” off my upper waist

2” off my lower waist

3 ½” off my hips

For a total of 7”

Since November I have dropped:

3 ½” off my upper waist

4” off my lower waist

6 ½” off my hips

For a grand total of 14”!!!

If you asked me what the best part about FYM program is, I wouldn’t be able to pick just one.

I love that it is a whole package!

Not just a workout program, or just a nutrition program or just a mind set program, or just a support group.

The FYM program is all of the above! It is an excellent workout program, a sound nutrition program, it has a great mind set and goal setting component, it has this amazing support group and as if that wasn’t enough, you get to talk one on one with Holly and get her help if you are really stuck, how many programs can offer all of that?” ~ Lisa Reece

lisa Lose your Mommy Belly in 6 Weeks!

Meet Lisa and hundreds of moms who are achieving Head Turing Results each and every day at ClubFYM!

Where Yummy-ness Happens And You Can Lose Your Mommy Belly!


Lose the Mummy Tummy

For the 1st time in 15 Years, I’m in the 140’s and I figured out how to lose the mummy tummy!

 Lose the Mummy Tummy

This is HUGE for me and to see these results has only reaffirmed to me that Fit Yummy Mummy is THE way to regain your body back and lose the unwanted FAT for good!

A bit about me:

Like any other fitness professional out there, we should know what is good for our bodies and what it takes to get out bodies into tip top shape right?

Well like the old saying goes I should “practice what I preach”!! I have been working as a Kinesiologist for 8 years now guiding clients through a series of exercise programs to help them recover from injury and lead them back to better health.

BUT….what have I done for myself? The answer quite simply is NOTHING.

Yes, I have had my slew of gym memberships during my high school and university years and as I was involved with many sports teams, my life always seemed busy and active.

Why wasn’t I in shape then?

I guess I just accepted my body for the way it was because for all the cardio and weight training I did my body shape and weight for that matter never changed much. Yes it went down and I felt leaner but then it would go right back to where it was before if not worse.

Last winter a friend of my husband’s, Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training), recommended a program that was designed just for busy moms.

Yes! Here is where I found Holly and the Fit Yummy Mummy System!!!

Since joining in November ‘07, Holly has been there for me 100%!!

I injured my knee and during the month of December I took some time off from the workouts which actually allowed me to focus on my supportive nutrition that much more.

When January came around and I was back to feeling 100%, adding the workouts back into the system was just that much easier!! As soon I was back on track my body INSIDE and OUT began to change!!

I was feeling so much more energy, so much more enthusiasm and an overall sense of wellbeing! Plus why wouldn’t I? I was eating healthy and getting the proper exercise for once in my life!

My Results over the past 7 weeks!

Jan 13’08~ 157lbs
Chest 38″
Bicep 12″
Waist (low) 37″
Hips 40″
Thigh 221 Lose the Mummy Tummy

Mar. 5’08 ~ 148lbs
Chest 36.25″ ~ down 1.75″
Bicep 12″ ~ no change
Waist (low) 34″ ~ down 3″
Hips 38.75″ ~ down 1.25″
Thigh 20.75″ ~ down 1.25″

11 Lose the Mummy Tummy

Therefore I ‘REMOVED’ 9lbs & 7.25 inches in 7 Weeks!!!

I love the feeling of getting dressed each and every day now as I am trying on clothes I haven’t worn in ages!! I even bought my first size 10 pants in a long long time!

The biggest, most amazing thing (and I know numbers on the scale do not matter, I have preached it myself), however….

I have not seen my weight in the 140’s since I started high school!!!

I have been a constant 160-165lbs since I was 15 and now for the first time in 15 years I am in the 140’s and I have been able to lose the mummy tummy!!!

I was beaming from ear to ear when I saw that number!! This is HUGE for me and to see these results has only reaffirmed to me that Fit Yummy Mummy is THE way to regain your body back and lose the unwanted FAT for good! I always wished I could be 145lbs and a size 10, and now I know this goal is attainable plus so much more!

What you Must Know about Fit Yummy Mummy:

About 4 weeks ago I added the Prograde Workout and VGF +25 into my routine and WOW!

By adding those two additions to my life, I have not only SEEN some amazing results that much faster, I FEEL so much better too! I think adding these elements into my life as been the most helpful strategy to my nutrition plan.

A fellow FYM also gave some great advice and the way she explained it, it just made sense…..look for LIVE food not dead food! So simple!

Fit Yummy Mummy Workouts

What I LOVE the most about the workouts is that they are very straight forward and to the point. They are SO easy to fit into ANYONE’s schedule and you can do them in the comfort of your own home! Even the most difficult are attainable…yeah Side Plank!

 Lose the Mummy Tummy

Most surprising

I look forward to each and every workout now!
I have never actually REALLY looked forward to working out before because I knew it was long and time consuming. Now with the Fit Yummy System it’s quick, intense and I feel exhilarating when I’m done, all in just 90 minutes a week!

The Most Difficult
Staying consistent with my nutrition.
I do cook healthy and always have but with Holly’s guidance I have made a few changes to the way I cook. I no longer have processed junk food in my house, because let’s face it, if it’s here it will be eaten! Portion size is a HUGE factor to control, but by eating every 3 hours and making sure I have enough protein at each meal I am no longer craving food as much and can keep myself satisfied until my next meal.

If you are still skeptical about Fit Yummy Mummy



This is a lifestyle ANYONE can follow no matter what obstacles or barriers you face. Everyone should know about Fit Yummy Mummy and allow Holly Rigsby to coach you for even just one week and you will FEEL the difference already! There are no quick magical fixes to weight loss just consistent supportive nutrition and regular exercise!

I am returning to work in one month’s time from my maternity leave and thanks to Holly and Fit Yummy Mummy I will be in need of ALL new pants!! My butt is just swimming in

everything I put on and I LOVE it!

Woo Hoo shopping spree!

The other very rewarding feeling that comes along with being able to lose the mummy tummy is that people are noticing and commenting and it’s just great!!

What a boost in my motivation!

My family has been SO supportive and they are benefiting from my success as well because not only do I have SO much more energy to spend with them, I am instilling life long healthy choices that they will carry forward with them through their life!

These past 7 weeks have shown wonderful results inside and out……I look forward to so much more!

I have 7 more weeks left in the Transformation Challenge…..let’s see where I can go from here!

Thank you Holly for your Fit Yummy Mummy System and coming into my life!!

This is a lifestyle that ANYONE can lead and they WILL see results because IT JUST MAKES SENSE! ~ Marloes Aitcheson 30, Mom of 2, Stratford, On, Canada

Meet Marloes and hundreds of moms who decided to lose the mummy tummy, banishing the baby fat and reclaiming a lean, fit, healthy body at ClubFYM!


and make a difference Today!

Yummy Mummy From Crummy Tummy

Samantha has busted through her plateau …
just 6 weeks in to her Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation!
6week222 Yummy Mummy From Crummy Tummy

“Since gaining 25 kilos for my first pregnancy 3 years ago and loosing 25 kilos, my body had taken on a very soft marshmallowy look!

Like most of us, I was a gym fanatic… I’m talking the 6 days a week kind ~ and no visit was shorter than 3 hours (usually 1.5 hour of cardio! plus the machines ~ very rarely did I do free weights except for biceps) Add on top of that that I need a half hour to drive there and back again…..that was until my son was born.

I found myself living in a foreign country ~ without the support of family and friends ~ so there is never any respite or ‘me’ time. Sure, I could find an hour here or there in my day ~ and I would perform exercises… even bought a gym thingy machine ~ something that was suppose to zap you legs and butt into shape!

I was programmed or rather taught that unless you perform an hour plus on cardio machines… then your success will never be! I had resided to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to shift the last 5 kilos I wanted to lose, needed to lose in order to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I thought about taking diet pills, but was weary ~ as I did want something magic… and fast ~ but all the time I kept thinking about, what if once I’m off the pills I gain weight. I couldn’t see the use of low carbs, no meat or any other fancy diet ~ I love food.

I had reached a plateau even though I was working out (so I thought) at home.

As I mentioned I haven’t been able to get to a gym for the last 3 years. (living in a foreign country without the support of family to help out ~ is difficult! And there just aren’t any day care centers in Greece, let alone one at a gym! )

Something was missing… and by accidental luck I found what I needed…. It was Holly and her amazing program! I ordered it ~ read and re-read her book at least 3 times before starting.

I did as she instructed in the lifestyle system bible… started eating every 3 hours! And spending 90 minutes a week performing the precise workouts…

The Results ~ that was the most surprising part of Fit Yummy Mummy!

The 2 Week Difference….
2+wks Yummy Mummy From Crummy Tummy

The 6 Week Difference….

14 January 2008 my measurements…………..Week 6

Upper Arm 10.8′ (27.5cms)………….… Upper Arm 10.6′ (27cms)
Bust 34.6′ (88.5cms)………………….. Bust 33.8′ (86cms)
Waist 27.6′ (70cms)……………….…. Waist 25.5′ (65cms)
Hips 35.4′ (90cms)………………..…… Hips 33.4′ (85cms)
Upper thighs/legs 21.7′ (55cms)………. Upper thighs/legs 21.3′ (54cms)

Weight: 118 (55 kilos)…………………. Weight: 116 (53 kilos)

(The 1st time Samantha Stepped on the Scales)

Size 4 pants fitting beautifully again…. super!

After weeks 5 and 6 of being on the FYM lifestyle program my results are beginning to show for themselves. I am truly amazed and so grateful to Holly for sharing her knowledge with me (and all of us at ClubFYM) on how easy it is with the smallest amount of time.

The workouts Work!!!!

I can’t believe that I get a better workout in the comfort of my own home than going to a gym! I have had many Personal Trainers ~ and let me tell you, none of the compare to Holly.

She is the only female trainer I have had the pleasure of working out with (via my book ~ very jealous of you ladies that get to go to boot camp with her!!) that seems to understand the female body and our wants or desires and what we need to reshape!

What I love about the FYM workouts
…. Everything!
I actually bounce out of bed ~ knowing that today is my workout day!

~ I truly look forward to each workout day. I no longer dread going to the gym, surround by those who haven’t discovered what deodorant is!! Instead I have aromatherapy candles or oils burning to energize the room, my own selection of music ~ depending on my mood. The exercise are so easy to follow, the time frame couldn’t be better ~ 30mins 3 days per week ~ it’s so do-able!

The most helpful nutritional strategy

~ Apart from eating every 3 -4 hours, is the pre and post workout foods.

For the last week now, I have started having a Protein Whey shake drink as my post workout meal. I can tell it really is the next step that I needed but didn’t know I needed. I had been having plain 0% fat yogurt with fresh pineapple chunks (which i was enjoying) as my post meal… but it didn’t do what the shake is doing for me. It re!ally is helping out with my post workout recovery.

What do I want others to know…

Wow… It is possible to succeed in regaining my sexiness back! The way I was (and we all were) before our darling little angles graced our lives. I’m starting to feel like a yummy mummy, being fit, healthy, and toned!!

I can’t wait to see what the results are going to be after completing both the 12 Week Transformation Challenge and my 16 week program!

Thank you so much Holly.

What does it mean to you to become a Fit Yummy Mummy?

To at least regain (or perhaps become better than i was ever before) my firmness, lean looking and super fit, so I feel good about myself again. To possibly feel sexy again in a bikini…. to look great in whatever I wear, to have people notice the new me! And lastly so that I’m a yummy mum for my son!” ~ Samantha

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2 Minute Fit Tips From Tyler

2 Minute Fit Tips From Tyler

 MG 3523+copy 2 Minute Fit Tips From Tyler

My son Tyler is just tickled over the fact that I spend my time helping moms get fit.

He loves the fact that I provide a website along with video and audio clips to support moms in their journey so he asked if he could help as well.

How could I miss this opportunity! Listen in as Tyler shares his 2 minute Fit Tips.

Moms, together we can make a difference!

Our children are counting on us.

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby


2 2 Minute Fit Tips From Tyler

Burn Baby Fat

Burn Baby Fat & Lose Your Mommy Tummy Interview

12 Burn Baby Fat

Moms who are looking to burn baby fat and get back into their skinny jeans – you do not want to miss this special interview.

The Abs Expert Scott Colby conducts an exlusive interview with me addressing a busy mom’s most common questions when it comes to weight loss and how to burn baby fat.

Here are the questions we covered:

1). Moms seem to never have enough time in their day to get everything done. How can they carve out extra time to exercise?

2) For those new moms who ARE working out, how can they get their tummy flat as quickly as possible?

3) Can moms who have had multiple C-sections burn baby fat and get a flat stomach too?

4) Often times women have a perception that they are going to bulk up by doing weight training. But it is such an important part of the equation when it comes to getting your best body possible and discovering how to burn baby fat. What do you say to them?

Click –HERE– to Listen In

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“I have never subscribed to anything online before and this being my first time has been such a blessing! You are always very quick to answer any questions posted to your own messages or to a forum. It must take a lot of time even if it is rewarding and uplifting at times. I know understand the weight watchers approach for the support side as I have never understood before. You are always there and if by chance you are away from the computer awhile someone from the group will always come through. Great group you started ! And going strong!! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your program!!

Jodi Scott, age 40
Thunder Bay , Ontario, Canada

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